Vinpower offers a range of thermal printable media that works with all of the major thermal printers, including Rimage and TEAC.


Thermal printable media is one of the trickier types of discs to source. Firstly, the media has to hold up to the rigors of a thermal printer, making sure the artwork adheres to the surface and does not peel or crack. The printed artwork should be able to print across the full face of the disc, including the inner hub. Plus, the thermal media should work with a variety of popular thermal printers, especially:

1) Rimage Everest 400/600
2) Rimage Everest II/III
3) Rimage Prism Plus
4) TEAC P-55 (using the Versamax, Black, and/or Photo ribbons)

There aren’t too many medias on the market that can stack up to that tall order, especially for the larger capacity DVD+R DL and Blu-ray discs.

Vinpower removes the headache looking for those perfect thermal printable discs. We offer nearly every media type, from CD to DVD to Blu-ray, with a thermal printable surface that works across all the major thermal printers at a much more affordable price point. Regardless of the type of printer you’re working with, Vinpower’s thermal printable media provides professional high quality, glossy printed images that last, at an extremely aggressive price.

So whatever your needs, Vinpower has the thermal printable media for you. Contact a Vinpower representative for more details.

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