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Recently, I have come across a number of articles and videos touting the importance of owning your own copies of your favorite music and movie titles. Sure, streaming has made life much easier as we in theory can watch whatever, wherever, whenever. But in reality, that’s not the case. Streaming, be it music or movies, is becoming more an more fractured in that the services that provide the content are balancing what they offer with the ROI of each title. So an artist or movie you like might not be cost effective and the service drops that project or another the opposite happens and a competing streaming service you don’t subscribe to keeps exclusive rights to that project to attract more subscribers. I haven’t even gotten into the issues that come if you don’t have adequate internet or bandwidth. In the end, the consumer is always at the mercy of the streaming services, unless you take control and own the content you care most about.

Sure streaming is easy, but so is purchasing CD or DVD versions of the content you want as well as ripping backup copies of that content onto a digital medium of your choice, such as optical discs, flash drives, hard drives, etc. Vinpower offers every sort of physical platform that allows you to backup and safely store and play all your favorite digital content. Not only will you be able to access your content whenever, wherever, but the playback quality will be far superior to that of streaming as well. For streaming, they have to again weigh the costs of storing so much content vs the maximum quality of the content itself. Whereas your original content was produced with the highest caliber of video and audio resonance available.

Check out the below recent video and article that also highlights these points on the benefits of content ownership over streamin

YouTube videos like: MSN: What you can do with old CDs and DVDs –
Articles like:

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