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Customers have spoken and they rated the PlexDisc Liquid Defense Plus line of blank media 5 stars!


When it comes to recordable optical disc media, there are a lot of choices on the market, but how do you know which one will give you the quality and performance that you’re looking for? The same way we make decisions on nearly everything we buy, check the reviews from others that have purchased and used that product. The PlexDisc Liquid Defense Plus line of water and scratch resistant glossy white inkjet printable media, manufactured by Optodisc under Vinpower’s stick guidelines, has received rave reviews and clients have been very happy with the print and burn quality. The product line has received excellent ratings and remarks all over the world including in Japan, the U.S.A, Canada, UK, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Australia and many other locations.

With Taiyo Yuden/JVC leaving the market, it leaves a large void in the professional market for reliable quality blank media. Optodisc, which includes the PlexDisc line, was developed with the Taiyo Yuden concept in mind. As a manufacturer of duplication hardware for over 15 years, Vinpower has a great understanding about recordable media and how it needs to hold up under the rigors and fast pace of the duplication market.

So regardless of whether customers need an inkjet or thermal printable surface or require a reflective silver lacquer finish, Optodisc has what they need across all formats, including CD-R, DVD±R, DVD±R DL, BD-R, and BD-R DL. With offices in the Americas, Europe, China, and Taiwan, Vinpower can provide quick fulfillment, support, or advice anywhere in the world.

For more details about the PlexDisc Liquid Defense Plus or any of the other lines of Optodisc media, visit or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

Vinpower’s roots are as a hardware manufacturer with the SharkCopier as its signature achievement.


When Vinpower started in 2000, there were already a number of established duplicator manufacturers and suppliers, but Vinpower was determined to make its mark amongst them. However, with minimal funding and a lot of tenacity and determination under its wing, Vinpower set out to make a signature product that would define them and set them apart from the other manual tower suppliers on the market. That’s when we created the patented SharkCopier series of manual tower duplicators. This line was developed with inspiration from luxury European cars like BMW and Mercedes in which both visual beauty and high performance blended to make exceptional products. The SharkCopier’s aluminum frame served as a stylish departure from the standard boxy clone cases, but also offered a method to disperse heat far faster and efficiently allowing the SharkCopier to operate continuously without negative repercussions from overheating like traditional steel cases.

It was a serious gamble to develop a new line of manual tower duplicator cases in a niche market with little to no guarantee that the massive investment would pay off. However, the SharkCopier line has proven to be a success and is a symbol of prosperity for a company that started with little more than $3,000 and a dream to become a market leader who continues to grow and make advancements in the field of digital duplication hardware and media.

To learn more about Vinpower Digital’s full line of duplication hardware or its market leading recordable media, visit our website:, or speak with a Vinpower representative today.

Vinpower’s MiniLoader VDX-1 is the most cost effective, time saving compact DVD autoloader on the market.


Vinpower has long been known as an innovator in the field of optical disc duplication, especially with our market leading autoloader duplicators. However, there is also value in acquiring an existing product, improving it, and giving customers a reliable, highly efficient reboot for a new DVD autoloader at a very low price. Vinpower acquired the rights, designs and material of the Dexpreso Company, which manufactured the DEX1000 automatic CD/DVD burner. Overall, this system was a decent loader and was adopted by a number of brands in the market. However, it had its flaws and never became as popular as it could have been. When Dexpreso decided to close its doors, Vinpower recognized the merits of the tiny loader and acquired all rights.

After modifying the mechanics and implementing our own burning software, the new VDX-1 CD/DVD/Blu-ray Autoloader is now available and better than ever. With an extremely aggressive price point and a light portable frame, the VDX-1 is sure to be a hit amongst light to medium duplicators that would benefit from an automated device but couldn’t justify the expense. The VDX-1 is priced comparably to a small manual tower duplicator, but its 50 disc capacity autoloader mechanism, allows the user to focus on other pressing projects.

For more details about the VDX-1 or to find out how to offer or purchase this system, go to or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

Sony and others are dedicated to making a big push at dominating the archival cold storage market with optical discs.


On previous email blasts, we spoke about how Sony and Panasonic, amongst others, are focusing heavily in the data archival market using optical disc cartridges and developing optical discs with massive storage capacity. A recent article in Fortune further emphasizes this point. In the article, it discussed how Sony has acquired a startup company that was created by a former Facebook executive for the sole purpose of archiving cold data for easy storage and retrieval offline.

The impact of this acquisition is huge as it relates to data storage, the life expectancy for optical discs, and how cold data will be maintained and stored in the future. Just by its name, “cold data” it’s obvious that content is not something that will need to be recalled frequently or even sparingly. Typically its data that needs to be saved, but is rarely accessed and certainly doesn’t need to be accessed within fractions of a second. So why waste valuable server storage, expensive energy, or IT time to maintain this data? There is no reason, and the cold data becomes a drain on servers, making the hot data become bogged down and more costly to maintain.

The answer to how cold data should be handled is to store this content offline, on optical discs. When you need to recall it, simply pull up the optical disc it’s stored on through an intricate indexing system that can be recalled in seconds and keep it all offline. That way the data is safe, it’s not syphoning energy as it would on a server, and it frees up a tremendous amount of space for more critical data.

So when you wonder how long will optical discs remain relevant? Apparently major companies like Sony are betting it will be a very long time!

When you want the best Optical Discs for any format or printable surface, that answer is clear as well, contact Vinpower Digital. Vinpower offers optical media for all markets, formats, and price points with top quality and reliability. Contact a Vinpower representative for more details on our wide range of optical disc options.

Optodisc is the preferred alternative when Taiyo Yuden/JVC Stops Production


With the news that Taiyo Yuden stopping the production of all lines of Taiyo Yuden and JVC branded media, where can one find a suitable alternative? Fortunately, Vinpower developed the Optodisc line to follow the strict quality standards and reliability that Taiyo Yuden pioneered when they developed the 1st recordable CD-R many years ago. The Taiyo Yuden (TY) and JVC brands have been the standard bearers for recordable CD-R and DVD±R for many years. With the surprise news that they will shut down production, it leaves a large void in the market for high quality reliable recordable media.

Optodisc was developed with the TY concept in mind. As a manufacturer of duplication hardware for over 15 years, Vinpower has a great understanding about recordable media and how it needs to hold up under the rigors and fast pace of the duplication market. So when we developed the Optodisc line, we wanted to make sure that it was suitable for high volume production, but reliable enough to meet the high standards of the critical medical and storage markets.

So regardless of whether you need an inkjet or thermal printable surface, or require a reflective silver lacquer finish, Optodisc has what you need across all formats, including CD-R, DVD±R, DVD±R DL, BD-R, and BD-R DL. Contact a Vinpower representative today for more details about the full Optodisc line.

With the 4k UHD Blu-ray Specs Released, it’s only a matter of time before they will be commercially available.


The Blu-ray Disc Association has recently released the specifications for the Ultra High Definition (UHD) specifications, clearing the way for optical disc manufacturers to begin producing the new format. This is a critical step as 4K TV’s and content have been produced for quite some time now, but there hasn’t been an approved specification for the production of a 4K or UHD optical disc until now. The significance is twofold:
• There hasn’t been a new disc format since the original Blu-ray was introduced and subsequently won the HD format war from HD DVD in 2006.
• Now 4K TV’s finally will have a player and content that can be played in the comfort of one’s home.
It’s no small feat to adopt a new format specification. Firstly, it takes multiple engineering teams across multiple industries to develop and sustain the new technology, which can be made readily available for the general audience. Secondly, it takes a consortium of major corporations to agree and to iron out who holds patent rights for this new format. Surely Hollywood studios along with TV and Blu-ray player manufacturers are excited about the opportunity for a new format, which will create a new market for 4K content and devices to play it on.

Vinpower is also excited about the new format and that the media specifications have been finalized. This will allow us to support our growing market with 4k/UHD duplication hardware and media that will meet all industry standards in the very near future. Since Vinpower works diligently to stay ahead of its competitors in being able to offer new ODD duplication technology first, you can rest assured that Vinpower will pay close attention to when media manufacturers go into production using the newly approved UHD specs, making the discs available through our network of dealers and resellers.

For more details on all of Vinpower’s digital duplication hardware, media, and printers, visit our website or speak with a Vinpower representative today.

Panasonic unveils a prototype for a new large scale archival data storage system using Optical Discs at NAB


As I wrote previously on April 17th 2015, Panasonic is gearing up for a major improvement on how to archive large scale data using cartridges of high capacity optical discs. Typically digital content is stored on hard disk drives (HDD) and server farms, which require large temperature controlled rooms. Eventually that data becomes “Cold”, meaning that it’s not used frequently or rarely, but it cannot be deleted or discarded. In those cases, Panasonic, amongst others, are looking at ways to archive that data in the most efficient and safest method of storage available today. That method is through very large capacity cartridges of Blu-ray Optical Discs.

From the images in the title header, you can see the prototypes of what is intended to be a new offering that will allow companies and individuals to back-up virtually all electronic data on their HDD’s and servers onto optical discs. The reason being is that optical discs are the most reliable and safest method for archiving data today. Yet, as an added benefit optical disc cartridges are also more cost effective to maintain and more environmentally friendly.

When thinking about data storage, there are two primary categories; “Hot” data which is the content that one would use frequently, and “Cold” data which is content that is seldom if ever used. Typically, old files that are kept for archival purposes or as records, which do not need to be reviewed often are seen as Cold data. When you compare keeping both Hot and Cold data on a server or HDD, those methods take a lot more energy to maintain, in both cooling and electricity to continuously operate compared with the limited requirements needed to maintain and recall data on an optical disc. The hardware requires a lot less energy to function and Cold data can be stored for many years without requiring any energy or risking loss, especially compared with HDD’s.

So if large corporations like Panasonic are investing millions of dollars to perfect long term data storage on optical discs, this says to me that optical discs are extremely relevant. So don’t be so quick to toss out your CD’s, DVD’s and Blu-ray discs, I believe they will be a lot more useful over time.

For more details about optical discs or duplication hardware, contact a Vinpower Digital representative near you or visit our website at

Optical Discs still the most cost effective and safest method of long term storage


Panasonic recently unveiled a new data storage backup unit at OCP 2015. There are a number of major companies, including Sony’s Optical Disc Archive System, that focus on using optical discs rather than magnetic tape or an array of Hard Drives. In fact, within the CDRInfo news release from March 17th, 2015, touting the unveiling of the Panasonic it states;

“By drawing on its optical media, disc drive, and robotics technology, Panasonic has developed a scalable system suitable for long-term data storage comprised of modules that can be extended as the amount of data increases. Compared to hard discs, the Data Archiver also … will reduce running costs.”

This shows that not only are Optical Discs far more efficient for long term archival data storage, but also reduces the overall expense of operating the device, saving the company money as well as their critical data. In addition, it shows that optical discs are still very relevant and that those touting the death of optical media are sorely mistaken.

For more details about Vinpower’s array of archival media and duplication hardware, visit our website or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

Recordable DVD’s offer the best cost performance when burned at 8x speed.


Just as the tortoise proved that slow and steady wins the race, so true is the case when burning DVD’s. When selecting the most productive recording speed, 8x provides the best cost performance in terms of speed and recording quality compared to any other option. Sure you could burn the DVD at 16x speed, but for the 16x designation could be confusing. Burning at 16x is not twice as fast as 8x, in fact, you may only save roughly 60 seconds, but at that higher speed, you’re more likely to see visible burn marks on the bottom of the discs that look like donuts. Those burn marks could negatively affect the playback or could even cause the drives to fail the disc during the duplication process.

Make sure you don’t sacrifice quality for just a slight advantage in speed. In fact when you visit the major duplication houses around the world, which make their living duplicating discs, and you’ll see that they prefer to burn at 8x every time.

For more details about the optimal burning performance, contact Vinpower Digital or an authorized Vinpower representative.

Optodisc DVD’s are made to offer exceptional quality and consistency for reliable duplication time after time


The manufacturing process for optical discs, especially recordable DVD’s, is fairly standard. You start by designing and creating the stamper. Then create the substrate through injection molding and spin coating to create the recording layer of organic dye. Next perform the sputtering for the reflective layer and another spin coating for the protective layer. Finally, you bond the disc together with a dummy substrate of polycarbonate. Sounds simple enough, so what makes the Optodisc DVD’s better than other comparable recordable DVD’s?

The answer is simple, when Optodisc media are being produced, there is great attention paid to every aspect in the manufacturing process. Starting with the stamper, Optodisc makes sure that the stamper is designed expertly and that the substrate, reflective layer, and sputtering are all applied with the goal of making a better disc rather than cutting corners to save a little on the overall cost. Optodisc DVD’s are created in a method that ensures stable consistent quality and reliability for years.

If you want to save money and not give up quality, then Optodisc is the best option for you.

Contact Vinpower Digital or a Vinpower representative for more details about the full line of Optodisc media.