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According to the BDA, the adoption of the UHD BD format is selling 3X’s faster than the launch of Blu-ray

UHD BD sales

When the original 1080p Blu-ray was first announced, the adoption rate was not as quick as the industry had hoped for. There were many reasons for the initial slow adoption rate, including the customers reluctance to upgrade their existing TV’s and DVD players, the perceived lack of clarity and definition over the prevailing DVD, the uncertainty of the format wars between Blu-ray and HD DVD, or any other number of reasons. The fact is that the growth of Blu-ray was much slower than expected.

Fast forward to 2016 and the introduction of the new 4K Ultra Hi-Def Blu-ray (UHD BD) and the situation has changed dramatically. According to data from the Bu-ray Disc Association (BDA), US consumers bought 1.8 million UHD Blu-ray discs in 2016, along with 300,000 UHD Blu-ray players. That is a solidly impressive number for a format that hasn’t fully rolled out and a number of the most popular players, including the Sony Playstation, do not support UHD content yet. In fact, the BDA declared that UHD BD has sold 3 times faster than standard Blu-ray at its launch.

This again tells me, and should show you, that optical discs are not going to be obsolete and that consumers still enjoy and will continue to purchase physical media, like UHD BD discs, rather than just rely on the cloud to deliver content. So when you hear that discs are dead, tell them you’ve heard that rumor before and that you’re not buying it!

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Vinpower had another successful showing at the 2017 CES Trade Show

CES 2017 recap

Thank you to everyone that visited our booth at the 2017 CES trade show. Once again, Vinpower received great feedback from the show floor and took a number of meetings with valued customers and vendors alike. This year, we introduced a number of new products and offering, like the upcoming secure flash drive, which can protect information stored on it from falling into the wrong hands. In addition, we introduced the upcoming official AACS Blu-ray Copy Protection through standalone duplicators and much more.

If you weren’t able to visit us at CES, we hope that you will be able to meet us at one of our upcoming trade shows, such as:
• NAB trade show in Las Vegas, NV, April 24 – 27,
• Computex in Taipei, Taiwan, May 30 – June 3,
• or any number of other exhibits we will attend throughout the year.

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Optical discs have superior sound and video quality compared to streaming, when viewing 4K UHD content.

disc vs. streaming
There was a recent article by Peter Suderman, titled; Why DVDs and Blu-rays remain essential in the age of streaming. In this article, Mr. Suderman showcases how streaming cannot produce the exceptional sound quality and the hi-resolution picture brilliance that is commonplace with HD video content stored on Blu-ray optical discs. The gist of the article is that there are a number of reasons why a physical disc is better than simply using a streaming service, however the two most prevalent is that streaming cannot capture the true video and surround sound quality that a 4k Ultra HD (UHD) Blu-ray disc can provide.

With TV sizes increasing to such large dimensions and surround sound capability increasing to rival that of the actual movie theater experience, it doesn’t matter if your content can’t take advantage of your hardware’s capability. In order to stream true UHD, there are two factors to consider, firstly, the internet and wifi capacity and quality in the area that the streaming would take place. If the viewer doesn’t have the bandwidth or signal strength to stream 4k, they simply won’t be able to watch at all or there could be a number of buffering (freezing) issues that would detract from the viewing experience. Secondly, for those that do have the capability to fully stream 4k, in order to stream 4k efficiently, it has to be compressed, which then reduces the final products full capability. This is mostly evident in the darker hues of color and the full dynamic sound quality.

So whether you are an audio/video aficionado or just a casual viewer, to get the true UHD experience, you must have physical media. I don’t see this changing in the near future as content will only become denser and require greater and greater bandwidth or higher compression to stream properly, which will have degradation of quality to some level or another. That is why Vinpower will continue to focus on physical media and methods to produce exceptional high quality duplication of any digital content.

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Vinpower will introduce new lines and methods of copying and securing content with flash media and hardware at the 2017 CES trade show.

ces 2017 2

Vinpower will showcase their latest advances in the digital media field during the CES trade show in Las Vegas, NV, the week of January 5th – 8th, 2017. In addition to new and improved products related to optical discs, Vinpower will also showcase prototypes and introduce new ventures in the flash media duplication and encryption market.

If you’d like to be one of the first to learn more about these new offerings, you’ll have to visit with us at our booth during the CES show. We look forward to seeing everyone there and for these and many other new opportunities in the New Year!

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Vinpower would like to wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy Holiday!

happy holidays

Regardless of which holiday(s) you celebrate, or possibly none at all, in the spirit of good will, Vinpower would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Vinpower would like to thank everyone that helped contribute to the success of 2016 for us and those we work with. Without the support of our customers, vendors, and friends, we would never have achieved the good fortunes we’ve experienced this past year. Thank you for everything and here’s to an even greater 2017!

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Japan is working on a new material that will create a single optical disc with a capacity up to 10TB!

10TB disc

A recent article released in Japan (see the below link) touts a potential breakthrough in optical disc technology. The Japan Institute of Industrial Technology has announced that it has developed a multi-layer, high-speed recording technology that is expected to produce a capacity of up to 10TB on a single optical disc, which can be used for long-term archival storage. I’m not going to get into the technological details as to how this is possible, but if you want more in-depth details, you can click on the following link:

For those of you that don’t read Japanese, like myself, you can use a web browser translator to provide a fairly good translation into your preferred language.

The key is that once again, this proves that optical discs are not being completely replaced by streaming, flash media, or even server farms. Instead, researchers recognize the value and necessity for both day to day use and long term archival storage that optical discs offer and continue to invest in R&D to develop greater and greater capacity optical discs. Imagine keeping the entire library of congress on a single disc! With so much digitalized information and content that continue to grow exponentially, server farms will become too costly to maintain all that data. It will be critical to have a solution to store important archival data offline, but yet make it easy enough to retrieve if needed at any time. Optical discs remain as necessary and relevant as when they were first created.

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Don’t wait, make sure you contact Vinpower today to schedule a time to meet during CES 2017, from January 5 – 8, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV, USA

CES 2017

The start of a new calendar year symbolizes the rebirth, especially for the electronics Industry with the arrival of CES (Consumer Electronic Show), which takes place in Las Vegas, NV from Thursday, January 5 through Sunday, January 8, 2017. Once again, Vinpower will be exhibiting at CES in the South Hall 1st level, space # 21424. We will be exhibiting some exciting new product lines that we have recently finalized. However, in order to be among the first to witness these incredible new products, you’ll have to visit us at CES and see them for yourself. Vinpower is very excited about these new offerings and think they will be very popular. Therefore, if you plan to attend the show, please contact us to make an appointment to visit our booth. If you cannot make it, stay tuned for future announcements from Vinpower!

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New 4K Ultra HD TV sales have increased this holiday season opening the doors for more 4K movie titles to be released

4K TV BD taking off

The latest Blu-ray format, 4K Ultra HD, has been available since 2014, but it hasn’t replaced standard 1080p HD as the mainstream format yet. As each new optical disc format is released, there are 3 factors that must all work together in order for that format to be successful:

1) There has to be players that play the 4K format
2) There has to be TV’s/monitors that can view the content in 4K
3) There has to be content produced in 4K that can be available to the consumers

All 3 of these elements have to exist simultaneously in order to transition successfully. The only issue is the public hasn’t been as anxious to adopt the latest HD format as they were to transition from analog video tape to the first iteration of digital DVD. For many, they don’t see the benefits of a more vibrant picture and crisper sound. Others, don’t feel it’s worth the added cost to replace their entire entertainment system and movie collection. But eventually the consumers come around.

This holiday season, 4K Ultra HD TV’s were a very popular item, especially during the traditional “Black Friday” sales that take place in the US after their Thanksgiving holiday. With the increased 4K TV sales, there will now be more TV’s that can display the brilliance of the 4K resolution and therefore encourage more content producers to create home video titles in 4K as well. This starts the new cycle of adopting a new format into the consumers consciousness and then into the mainstream living rooms.

So if you are producing video content, this is a good time to begin upgrading to the 4K Ultra HD format and ride the wave of transition to the new normal.

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In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, and Vinpower would like to give Thanks to you!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday in the USA, which families give thanks for the good fortunes, friends and family in their lives. This is the perfect time for Vinpower to also give thanks to all of our supportive partners, customers, vendors, and everyone else that we have been fortunate to come in contact with over the years. Vinpower is a family and we consider those we work with to be like family as well. For this Thanksgiving, we thank you for your support and being part of our extended family.

Vinpower can provide royalty paid licensed Blu-ray Media under your own brand name and packaging

One Blue license private label

Vinpower is a brand licensee with One Blue, the organization that enforces that payment of all Blu-ray licensing royalties. That means that Vinpower can offer their own Blu-ray brands, which are fully licensed by One Blue, without concern of being hit with massive back dated royalty payments or litigation. In addition, we can also support 3rd parties looking to offer or continue their own line of Blu-ray media and ensure that they are fully licensed. So, if you are currently offering Blu-ray media from a manufacturer that is not licensed with One Blue or your supplier stopped offering Blu-ray media due to the costs and pressure from One Blue, Vinpower can support your efforts to continue offering your signature brand without fear of retribution or litigation.

For more details about how Vinpower can support your company’s efforts to offer licensed recordable Blu-ray media, contact us today. Don’t discontinue your Blu-ray media line or risk your company’s financial stability by selling unlicensed Blu-ray media. Remember, One Blue can target customers and resellers to recoup any unpaid royalty fees, not just the manufacturer. So don’t take a chance, contact Vinpower right away to find out how we can support you.