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New 4K Ultra HD TV sales have increased this holiday season opening the doors for more 4K movie titles to be released

4K TV BD taking off

The latest Blu-ray format, 4K Ultra HD, has been available since 2014, but it hasn’t replaced standard 1080p HD as the mainstream format yet. As each new optical disc format is released, there are 3 factors that must all work together in order for that format to be successful:

1) There has to be players that play the 4K format
2) There has to be TV’s/monitors that can view the content in 4K
3) There has to be content produced in 4K that can be available to the consumers

All 3 of these elements have to exist simultaneously in order to transition successfully. The only issue is the public hasn’t been as anxious to adopt the latest HD format as they were to transition from analog video tape to the first iteration of digital DVD. For many, they don’t see the benefits of a more vibrant picture and crisper sound. Others, don’t feel it’s worth the added cost to replace their entire entertainment system and movie collection. But eventually the consumers come around.

This holiday season, 4K Ultra HD TV’s were a very popular item, especially during the traditional “Black Friday” sales that take place in the US after their Thanksgiving holiday. With the increased 4K TV sales, there will now be more TV’s that can display the brilliance of the 4K resolution and therefore encourage more content producers to create home video titles in 4K as well. This starts the new cycle of adopting a new format into the consumers consciousness and then into the mainstream living rooms.

So if you are producing video content, this is a good time to begin upgrading to the 4K Ultra HD format and ride the wave of transition to the new normal.

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In the US, we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, and Vinpower would like to give Thanks to you!

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday in the USA, which families give thanks for the good fortunes, friends and family in their lives. This is the perfect time for Vinpower to also give thanks to all of our supportive partners, customers, vendors, and everyone else that we have been fortunate to come in contact with over the years. Vinpower is a family and we consider those we work with to be like family as well. For this Thanksgiving, we thank you for your support and being part of our extended family.

Vinpower can provide royalty paid licensed Blu-ray Media under your own brand name and packaging

One Blue license private label

Vinpower is a brand licensee with One Blue, the organization that enforces that payment of all Blu-ray licensing royalties. That means that Vinpower can offer their own Blu-ray brands, which are fully licensed by One Blue, without concern of being hit with massive back dated royalty payments or litigation. In addition, we can also support 3rd parties looking to offer or continue their own line of Blu-ray media and ensure that they are fully licensed. So, if you are currently offering Blu-ray media from a manufacturer that is not licensed with One Blue or your supplier stopped offering Blu-ray media due to the costs and pressure from One Blue, Vinpower can support your efforts to continue offering your signature brand without fear of retribution or litigation.

For more details about how Vinpower can support your company’s efforts to offer licensed recordable Blu-ray media, contact us today. Don’t discontinue your Blu-ray media line or risk your company’s financial stability by selling unlicensed Blu-ray media. Remember, One Blue can target customers and resellers to recoup any unpaid royalty fees, not just the manufacturer. So don’t take a chance, contact Vinpower right away to find out how we can support you.

Vinpower is the world’s 1st licensee from One Blue for both Blu-ray Duplication Hardware and Media

One Blue license
Vinpower is the world’s first and only One Blue licensee that has a Media Brand License and Duplication hardware license for Blu-ray, ensuring complete compliance and compatibility. In the past, the patent holders for CD and DVD were only interested in securing media & drive royalties from the original manufacturers. So even if a product was unlicensed, the buyer was not required to pay the license fee. That is no longer the case with Blu-ray. Today, regardless of whether you are the manufacturer or the buyer, either or both can be responsible for paying the royalty amount for the full quantity of Blu-ray duplication hardware or media they sold or purchased.

So don’t get caught with substantial fees or a potential lawsuit from the One Blue organization by purchasing Blu-ray media or hardware from an unlicensed company. Protect yourself and your customers from the burden of potential harassment and/or legal consequences by working with Vinpower products and know that you have officially licensed and royalty paid duplication hardware and media.

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The Plextor PX-891SAF drive is globally available with ample stock at all Vinpower warehouses, including in USA, Europe, and Asia.

Plextor available globally
In realizing that the Plextor PX-891SAF Optical Disc Drive is a much better value than alternative CD/DVD recorder drives, many customers around the globe have asked if it’s available in their market. As the exclusive worldwide supplier, Vinpower has plenty of stock at their facilities in USA, Europe, and Asia that can support customers anywhere in the world. Contact Vinpower today if you’d like to order these top of the line drives.

The Plextor PX-891SAF drive boasts many advantages to the standard half height burner drives in the following ways:

Better Burning Quality:
• Secure Media Speed Stability – Ensures that media duplication speed does not exceed encoded maximum rates to provide better burning control and virtually eliminates bad burns.
• Enhanced Recording Stabilization Control – Ensures all drives in a single duplication environment burn uniformly to avoid disproportionate speed fluctuations, which lead either to failed discs or less compatible completed discs.
• Stable Recording Control – The drives have an extensive database of media specs and are better able to communicate and convey these details while burning the disc(s) at ultimate speed.
Greater Compatibility with blank media and media players:
• Stable burning throughout – Provides consistent and reliable burning of any file type for the duration of the duplication progress to ensure the recorded media has far greater reliability of playback or that the discs will successfully copy to begin with.
• Archival Burning Capability – Able to burn virtually all makes of specialty archival media, including the 1000 year M-Disc brand.
• Enhanced CD-R Duplication – Limits potential distortion in CD-R audio duplication Drives.
Lasts Longer:
• Built using sturdier components – Compared to alternative drives, this model was built using the true Japanese design and parts lists for a stronger and more reliable system.
• Less Wear and Tear – since there are fewer bad burns, the system is able to complete its jobs in less burns meaning a prolonged life for the drives themselves due to less use.
• Industrial tray gears & pulleys – provides a more stable disc loading tray for a longer life cycle (1 cycle equals 1 tray extend from and then return into the drive)
• Enhanced Error Reporting – Provides greater details as to the cause of any potential duplication failure during the Lead-In.
The Plextor PX-891SAF CD/DVD writer drive is immediately available and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Contact Vinpower for more details, or visit to learn more about the benefits and capabilities of this drive.

With the Plextor drives, they may cost slightly more initially, but they are a much better value in the long run…

Plextor better value
When you contemplate whether something is a better deal because the initial cost is cheaper than the competition, to understand the true cost of ownership, you need to take into account the full cost over the lifespan of the product, including durability, reliability, and longevity, to get a full picture.

For example, if we compare the high quality duplication grade Plextor PX-891SAF CD/DVD recorder drive with another common CD/DVD recorder drive that offers a slightly lower cost. In this scenario, the alternative drive is $5 cheaper than the PX-891SAF, however, the alternative drive lasts only 6 months at most under the heavy duplication production, while the PX-891SAF lasts at least 12 ~ 15 months under the same production load. That means that you would have to purchase 2 ~ 3 replacements of the alternative drive over the lifetime of a single Plextor PX-891SAF drive. So that $5 initial savings is not only wiped out, but you end up paying nearly 2 times more for the alternative drive(s) compared to the PX-891SAF over the lifespan of the drives.

In this scenario, I only looked at the true hard dollar costs of ownership, there’s also the issue that the PX-891SAF offers superior quality and less rejects than the competition. That’s another cost that should be counted when determining the overall cost of ownership. Optical drives may not be very expensive and therefore you may not think it’s worth doing a cost projection for them, however, when you consider the number of times you have to replace your drives, then you’ll quickly realize how those savings can add up.

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What features would you like to see for a mobile flash device?

Apple OTG what do you want
Mobile phones and tablets are becoming more and more the default multifaceted cameras, computers, internet browsers, and communication devices, for many people today. However, these devices are limited in terms of the amount of memory and the ability to transfer content between different devices. Vinpower offers a flash device, in particular for Apple iPhones and iPads (Apple OTG), that allows the user to easily:

• Increase the iPhone’s storage capacity
• Instant One-Button back-up for all images and videos
• Transfer content between different devices, including other iPhone’s/iPad’s as well as PC and Apple computers
• Take pictures and videos that do not use up any of an iPhone or iPad’s internal memory
• Add secure protection to keep content safe from being viewed by others

These are great features and in most cases would be all that’s needed, but we think many of you may have additional requests for features you’d like us to support. If you have a suggestion of what you’d like to see added to these Apple OTG devices, please contact us so that we can determine if those features can be added. Our goal is to offer a product that meets the needs of the users and this is your opportunity to have features that would be most useful for you, potentially implemented.

Please reply with your suggestions or comments and we’ll work to add them.

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Vinpower offers the ability to embed their secure high grade DVD video Copy Protection at no extra cost when using OptoDisc manufactured DVD media.

Free OCP

In today’s savvy hi-tech world, consumers are often purchasing a single video and making copies for their friends which limit the overall sales. If you worked hard and put in a lot of effort and expense into creating your video project, you shouldn’t be restricted in the number of units you can sell because you can’t afford the high price of replicated copy protection. Instead, by using Vinpower Digital’s CPS technology, you can feel secure by adding FREE Copy Protection with the OCP format in less time and with no minimum or maximum quantities required.

How the FREE OCP Copy Protection Works:
1. Load the supplied CopyLock software onto a suitable PC.
2. Take your DVD video master disc or file and use the copy protection software application to make an OCP master image file; follow the steps of the software to embed the copy protection onto the master content.
3. Transfer the new OCP image file from the PC onto an enabled duplicator via USB/Copy Connect or LAN/Network connectivity
4. Load blank DVD recordable discs with the OptoDisc MID into the duplicator’s writer drive(s) then locate the transferred OCP image file through the duplicator’s menu keys from the internal hard drive
5. Initiate the copy process and when the finished discs are all successfully copied, these discs will have the secure copy protection already embedded.

Why should it cost you extra to protect what’s rightfully yours? Keep the savings in your pocket and increase your revenue by adding Vinpower’s free OCP DVD video Copy Protection along with the superior OptoDisc manufactured DVD media.

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Vinpower wins in the duplication market and on the field


Vinpower would like to congratulate our sponsored Soccer/Futbol league champions for playing with the kind of tenacity and skill that Vinpower puts into our hardware and media. As a sign of support and admiration, we are dedicating our weekly email blast to our co-workers and friends that fought through adversity and became victorious!

The OptoDisc Inkjet printable media is perfect for robotic autoloaders because it helps prevent the discs sticking together.

Opto inkjet no stick

Using robotic autoloader duplicators are a far more convenient and expedient method of duplicating discs, especially for larger jobs. But they cause nothing but aggravation if the media sticks together and causes the unit to stop production because the inkjet printable media you’re using is too sticky and 2 or more discs are stuck together when loaded into a drive. OptoDisc Inkjet Printable media is made with a special coating that prevents the discs from sticking together preventing an autoloader from picking two or more discs due to a stickiness factor.

If you want to make sure your project that requires inkjet printable media is duplicated smoothly and successfully each and every time, don’t take chances, use any brand of OptoDisc produced inkjet printable media for peace of mind and the assurance you won’t be burdened with a stopped job due to media sticking together.

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