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For the most lifelike video imagery, true HDR capability makes all the difference.


What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) and what makes it important? We’ve heard about 4K video and TV’s for a few years now, but in reality we haven’t seen the truest form of what 4K has to offer. That’s because adding true HDR provides the best UDH 4K performance and creates a better home viewing experience for Blu-ray content as detailed in the below article:

Now that the TV and Blu-ray player manufacturers are updating their TV’s and BD players with HDR, it will lead to new content for the enhanced HDR 4K Ultra Hi-Def (UHD) format. Hollywood studios have mastered around 100 titles in UHD HDR for SVOD and Blu-ray, a number predicted to triple in 2017 by Warner Bros. Worldwide Home Entertainment Distribution president Ronald J. Sanders. “There’s a concerted effort to match the growth and install base at home,” he said at the CES. He said Warner Bros. was “aggressively” going into its catalog to refresh titles with an HDR sheen. That means Hollywood studios see the added HDR as a significant improvement over standard Blu-ray 1080 or even the current 4K quality, meaning there’s an opportunity to sell even more content. When there’s money to be made, they are open to investing in converting content from their catalog for this the UHD HDR, meaning they believe there is enough difference and advantage for the consumer to purchase a title again or for the first time because of the added brilliance in picture quality and sound.

That means if you are currently working in video content and deciding whether to start producing Blu-ray content for your clients, this is the perfect time to move into this arena. All aspects of the hardware have lined up so that the consumers will be ready to Segway into the UDH HDR atmosphere and they will be hungry for content. “Growth of the 4K UHD market continues to dwarf the transition to high-definition television,” according to Steve Koenig, Sr. Director of market research. “Just 3 years since introduction, cumulative sales of 4K UHD displays are forecast to hit 15.6 million units, while sales of HDTVs reached 4.2 million units in their first 3 years on the market.”

2017 will see a great deal more HDR activity as the addressable base of 4K UHD TV’s with HDR widens. In North America, the penetration of HDR TVs will be between 10 percent and 14 percent at year-end, Futuresource predicts. So don’t miss this opportunity!

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There’s still time to secure a FREE Exhibit pass for the NAB trade show and visit Vinpower’s booth in South Hall – # SL7411

NAB 2017

Here’s another opportunity to see both the incredible hardware and advances Vinpower Digital has in store for 2017 and beyond. If you haven’t already done so, you can register now for a Free Exhibits Pass, Use Code NE26. This is the perfect time to make an appointment and meet with a Vinpower representative to learn about the exciting new products and features Vinpower has and will soon launch. Vinpower has made new strides in their USB and SD duplicators, automated duplicators and publishing systems, and our latest breakthrough the new Secure Flash media line. Those and more will be on display during the NAB tradeshow taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Monday, April 24th through Thursday, April 27th. Even if you visited with us at CES this past January, you’ll still want to visit our booth at NAB as we’ve made even more strides in those months that you are certain to learn about products and opportunities that were not on display or discussed at CES.

Here’s a link to register for the FREE NAB exhibit pass:

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Avoid creating bad copies because the USB master was corrupted and you didn’t know it!

USB compare only slot

Flash media doesn’t use a unified standard like optical discs, so each USB flash drive you get could have slight or significant variations, even when you purchase the same brand. Because flash is meant to be copied over and over again across a number of memory chips, it’s not uncommon for some of the memory to become corrupted during the copy process. What that means is that if you are copying a master USB flash drive to multiple USB flash drives, the master USB flash drive is constantly be read over and over again to make the copies, which has the potential of some of the memory to be altered. That means that if the master is altered, even slightly, it could negatively impact all the copies you’re making. Most experienced duplicators will use the copy and compare function in order to ensure the copies match the master, which should ensure perfect copies. However, if the master is altered during the duplication process and becomes corrupted, then the copies will match that corruption and therefore pass the compare process. This could lead to the operator believing they made all successful copies but in reality they potentially created a sizeable number of bad drives that they could send out to potential customers.

Vinpower created an excellent method to prevent this catastrophy from happening by dedicating a separate USB port as a compare only port. By having a dedicated compare only port, you’ll insert 2 identical master USB flash drives into the source port and the compare only port and then when you make copies and run the compare feature, the source port drive will send the duplicated content to all the waiting USB flash drives and then those copied drives will be compared to the separate compare only drive. That way, if there’s any variation between the two masters it will be picked up immediately and those copied USB flash drives will be failed to prevent the user from using the corrupted drives before they are accidentally given to the customers. This dual copy and compare process does not take any extra time but gives the operator complete piece of mind that the copies they made are 100% authentic identical copies of the original intended master content.

So if you want total piece of mind and assurance that your USB flash duplicated drives contain the content you intended, then you need a Vinpower USB duplicator that offers the dual copy and compare ports.

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Don’t take any chances, OptoDisc Blu-ray media is fully licensed by One Blue

One Blue license Opto

Vinpower’s full line of Blu-ray media is fully compliant as an official One Blue licensee. In the past, the patent holders for CD and DVD recordable media were only interested in securing media royalties from the original manufacturers. So even if a product was unlicensed, the buyer/user was not required to pay the license fee. That is no longer the case with Blu-ray. Today, regardless of whether you are the manufacturer or the buyer, either can be responsible for paying the royalty amount for the full quantity of Blu-ray media they sold or purchased. That means that unsuspecting businesses or individuals could be hit with substantial royalty fees that comes as a result of purchasing and using unlicensed Blu-ray media.

So don’t get caught with substantial fees or a potential lawsuit from the One Blue organization by purchasing Blu-ray media from an unlicensed company. Protect yourself and your customers from the burden of potential harassment and/or legal consequences by working with Vinpower and know that you have officially licensed and royalty paid high quality duplication grade media.

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The iXflash can double as your traveling media library, storing an incredible amount of music, movies, and more for instant access across multiple Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

iXflash soon

Have you ever had to remove your music from your iPhone or iPad because there just wasn’t enough space to store that and the massive collection of pictures, videos, emails, and or text messages using up all of the devices memory? You may not miss it initially because you can watch or listen to movies and music through an online streaming service. But what about if you didn’t have internet access or you were close to using up your allotted data minutes and you didn’t want to pay the overage charges, how will you watch and listen to your favorite entertainment then?

The iXflash allows the user to store a tremendous amount of music, movies, ebooks, etc., and play them back through any iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a lightning connection*. Now that many of the airlines are charging for the inflight entertainment, you can bring your iXflash and watch your favorite programs for free and at your convenience. Maybe you want to get some work done while on a flight, but don’t want to pull down a bulky laptop to try and balance on the tiny tray from the seat in front of you. Instead, transfer your work files from your computer to the iXflash through the USB connection, then review all of your documents through your iPhone or iPad without needing extra space or internet access.

There are so many possibilities with the iXflash beyond simply backing up photos and videos quickly, making the iXflash as essential to you as your mobile phone. See for yourself at Vinpower’s booth during the NAB trade show April 24th ~ 27th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.

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OptoDisc inkjet printable media designed to provide optimal print quality with Primera’s line of inkjet printers.

OTPO and Primera

When you’re printing on inkjet printable discs, you want to make sure that the print quality of the discs matches the capability of the printer you’re using. That’s why Vinpower worked to develop a line of OptoDisc inkjet printable media that were developed to showcase the exceptional print quality of the Primera line of inkjet printers, including the latest Primera Bravo SE-3 and 4200 series printers. Because most media manufacturers don’t focus on fine-tuning their inkjet printable media towards specific printers, their media often doesn’t have the brilliance and brightness of color that is capable from the disc printer the customer is using. Because Vinpower is deeply involved in the development and manufacture of virtually all aspects of duplication hardware and media, we know the importance of matching the disc resolution with the output of each printer manufacturer.

The Primera Bravo series are the most widely used inkjet disc printers in the world, which is why Vinpower felt it was important to develop a line of inkjet media that can optimize their incredible print speed and resolution. So if you own a Primera printer and want to get the best results from your printed media, make sure you use the OptoDisc inkjet printable media that was optimized for the Bravo series of printers.

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Keep all of your content safe with Vinpower’s DVD and Blu-ray CopyLock copy protection for FREE!

Free Copylock DVD BD

In a time when most companies want to give you less and charge more for it, Vinpower is doing the opposite and providing more for less. Previously, the Copylock software and capability to support Vinpower’s market leading DVD & Blu-ray* copy protected image files were optional add-ons, but now Vinpower will make it available for free on all new eligible duplicators. So if you purchase any Vinpower branded DVD or Blu-ray duplicator, the Copylock copy protection software and capabilities will be included for free*!

In today’s savvy hi-tech world, consumers are often purchasing a single video and making copies for their friends which limit the overall sales. If you worked hard and put in a lot of effort and expense into creating your video project, you shouldn’t be restricted in the number of units you can sell because you can’t afford the high price of replicated copy protection. Instead, by using Vinpower Digital’s Copylock (CPS) technology, you can feel secure by adding FREE Copy Protection* with the OCP or EZ BD format** and OptoDisc manufactured media in less time and with no minimum or maximum quantities required.

Why should it cost you extra to protect what’s rightfully yours? Keep the savings in your pocket and increase your revenue by adding Vinpower’s free Copy Protection along with the superior OptoDisc manufactured media.

For more details about this product or any of Vinpower Digital’s range of hardware, software, and media offerings, visit our website, or speak with an authorized Vinpower representative near you.

*In order to utilize the free copy protection, the user must use DVD or BD media with the OptoDisc MID code, contact Vinpower for a list of such media options.

**For Blu-ray copy protection, the duplicator must be enabled to produce BD copy protected discs, check with your sales associate to make certain before purchasing.

Using Vinpower’s upcoming iXflash will greatly reduce the chance of critical data being stolen and sold in the underground marketplace.

iXflash secure

There seem to be a constant barrage of news stories about leaked information and stolen data, be it political emails, corporate records, or medical data. In fact, a recent article declared that stolen health record databases can sell for up to $500,000. That’s a sizeable sum for any data, but looks to be commonplace in a growing underground market to acquire medical insurance IDs. In fact, according to the article, medical insurance ID’s with valid prescriptions were selling for $0.50 US each, and complete profiles of US victims including medical and health insurance data were selling for just under $1 each. Meanwhile, fraudulent tax returns based on stolen medical records were selling at $13.50 and fake birth certificates based on data stolen from medical records were selling for around $500. If you think about the fact that millions of patients medical history and data could be at risk, that’s an incredibly scary situation.

The special Secure version of the iXflash from Vinpower, which will be available soon, can completely secure data by removing it from vulnerable networks and cloud storage and utilizing a multi-tiered encrypted protection. The Secure iXflash also has a failsafe system that should the device become lost or fall into the wrong hands, will completely wipe out the entire memory, preventing the content from being accessed by an unauthorized person. It may sound like a Mission Impossible plotline, but in reality, the Secure iXflash will make sharing digital content incredibly safe and versatile.

If you want to know more about the iXflash device and the Secure version, visit Vinpower’s booth at the NAB trade show in Las Vegas, NV between April 24 – 27 in South Hall (Lower) – # SL7411. We’re certain once you see all the benefits packed into this tiny device, it’s going to become a staple for virtually any corporation and individual that maintains sensitive data! Look for the iXflash to be available in late Q2 or early Q3 of 2017.

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Vinpower invites you to visit our booth in South Hall, # SL7411, during the NAB trade show with FREE PASSES


Once again, Vinpower will exhibit at the 2017 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show in Las Vegas, NV, which takes place April 24 – 27, 2017. While attending the show, here’s your opportunity to visit Vinpower’s booth located in the South Hall, booth # SL7411 to see our latest line of duplicator hardware and media offerings as well as our exciting new encrypted flash devices.

If you haven’t already secured your entry pass for this year’s NAB, here’s another opportunity to reserve your entry pass to the show for free! But the offer is only good until March 24, 2017. That date will approach quicker than you think, so act now, or you may be forced to pay for the passes later. Simply click on the following link:, use the code: LV9689 and follow the directions for your free pass.

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Vinpower will soon offer the ultimate in data content protection through flash media


If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that data security is critical. The top tiers of government, especially the President, have to constantly be on guard about their internet enabled devices as they could be used as espionage against them without their knowledge. So they have to make sure that their phones are not web enabled. That means that they can’t use the cloud to store or retrieve important or even personal content. That’s why Vinpower is developing a unique flash drive that can store content which is not visible through a computer or accessible via web interface or the cloud, but can only be accessed through select encrypted mobile devices designated by the user.

If you want to know more, stay tuned as this new device will be showcased at the NAB and Computex tradeshows with an anticipated release date of late Q2 or early Q3 2017.

For more details about Vinpower’s offerings, please visit our website, or contact a Vinpower representative near you.