Vinpower has developed a new method of DVD Video Copy Protection that DOES NOT require a dongle/license

free copy protect

Vinpower’s line of OCP Duplicators, offers DVD copy protection, that does not require a dongle or any expense to implement licenses on either the master or the subsequent copies. This line of duplicators, now with updated firmware to enhance the copy and protection process, can simply implement DVD Video copy protection by using any OptoDisc MID recordable DVD. The process is related to a direct correlation between the duplicator’s controller, the writer drives, and select primary OptoDisc media working together to implement a suitable DVD Copy Protection with virtually no effort or expense.

This line of Copy Protection through a standalone duplicator, available for both manual towers and autoloaders, offers a unique blend of both cost savings and added protection against copyright theft. If you prefer not to allow others to copy your DVD video content, but don’t have the funds or the necessity to pay the added cost of Vinpower higher end BCP or AACS implementations, then Vinpower’s latest offering and FW update is the perfect solution for you.

For more details on any of the products that Vinpower carries, please visit our website at or speak with an official Vinpower representative near you.

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