The Vinpower Digital optical disc duplication controller is designed to integrate with all known ODD’s and media available for a complete solution.

Vin Controller works with everything

Vinpower has long been known as one of the most reliable duplication hardware manufacturers, but the key to our success lies in the high quality of our standalone duplication controller. Vinpower is currently the largest global supplier of digital duplication controllers. This has stemmed from the overall reliability and high quality of our controllers as well as the key that the Vinpower controller can work with all known OOD’s and medias on the market today, as well as operate special functions with select drives and media. These added benefits, enable those who wish to build their own duplicators the confidence that they can use any ODD burner and Optical Disc media currently available on the market.

The key is that the Vinpower controller not only works with all known ODD’s, but it can also perform that specific drive’s firmware update for the drive or multiple drives simultaneously. This is a huge benefit as ODD’s constantly have FW updates and previously those drives would have to be removed from the duplicator and attached to a computer one by one to perform the FW update. This is a tedious and time consuming task, but with the Vinpower controller, you can update all the drives in the duplicator at once in a couple of minutes without any hassle or complications.

In addition, some duplicators or drives, when they become worn, have issues burning certain medias and create longer duplication times or higher failure rates. Vinpower’s controller recognizes these variances in the methods that drive’s burn media at during various stages in its production cycle and helps compensate through managing the duplication process. This not only extends the lifecycle of the drives, but also reduces the number of failed burns produced by the duplicator(s) as well.

Ultimately, the Vinpower controller is a cost savings tool in that it lowers the rate of failed discs and extends the longevity of the burners, which reduces overall expenses and increases performance.

For more details on any of the products that Vinpower carries, please visit our website at or speak with an official Vinpower representative near you.

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