The InstaShot is Vinpower’s latest offering for Apple iPhone and iPad flash devices with even greater features.


The latest innovation of flash extension devices for Apple “i” products is the InstaShot from PQI, available exclusively through Vinpower Digital. The InstaShot will be available within a month and takes the next evolutionary leap in the convenience and usefulness of flash devices for Apple “i” products in offering live video streaming to the InstaShot without using any memory from the device it’s connected to. Stay tuned for more details and announcements about the official release for this extraordinary product.

Smart phones and tablets have become much more than simple methods of communicating or surfing the web. Instead, they have become the Swiss Army Knives of electronics. They have become our cameras, MP3 players, TV’s, navigation, video games, and much more. With all that content, it’s easy to see how the device’s internal memory, especially for iPhones and iPads, can fill up quickly. Pictures and videos stored on an iPhone or iPad tend to use the most memory, but it’s not always convenient to back them up onto a computer and storing them in the cloud can be an added monthly or annual expense you don’t need, plus there could be safety concerns with hackers.

If you want to make sure you can always have available memory to take any photos or videos you want as well as hold a library of movies, music, documents, etc., Vinpower’s line of iConnect Mini, iConnect, and the upcoming InstaShot is your answer. All of these devices can quickly back-up all of your stored photos and videos, as well as hold whole collections of movies, music, and other content that would be helpful or entertaining to have available on demand, without using any precious memory from the iPhone or iPad itself.

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