DVD Still preferred method to watch movies

There’s been a lot of discussion and speculation that direct video access (on-demand service) through a PC or cable/satellite provider will replace the DVD format for movie viewing by the masses, current research contradicts this assumption.  Even though the development of high speed internet access and fiber optic cables allows movies to be downloaded quickly and provided in high-definition from the internet or through cable/satellite providers, consumers are still sticking with the tangible DVD format.

As evident from current sales, consumers are still enamored with the optical disc such as the DVD format.  According to data recently published on One to One online (25 July, 2007), in 2006 consumers spent US $23 Billion on DVD purchases and rentals compared to $932 million for on-demand services through the internet, cable or satellite.  Even though on-demand service is a growing industry, there’s still a wide gap between it and the market for a physical DVD.

As the DVD format capacity grows with the introduction of Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats, consumers will still have a draw for physical media that they can keep over an intangible on-demand service.  This shows me that there is still significant growth ahead for the “DVD” format in its various incarnations compared to digital transmission of data over a computer or television.  So for those wondering if duplication is still a wise investment, I can say there are 23 billion reasons to say yes!

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