Vinpower introduces its latest evolution in the escalation of USB duplication, the USB DupeBox

USB Dupebox

With flash memory becoming a bigger part of content distribution, the need to duplicate greater quantities of USB pen drives faster and more reliably, becomes a greater point of emphasis for many businesses and organizations. That’s why Vinpower created our latest line of USB duplicators, the USB DupeBox. The USB DupeBox isn’t just bigger, but also offers a number of improvements compared to the comparable USBShark Towers. Those improvements include:
• Move powerful power supply – Greater power so that the USB DupeBox can better handle duplicating larger external HDD’s with a USB connection
• Modular Configuration – The entire system is created so that the various wearable elements, like the USB connections can be accessed and swapped out if needed.
• Asyncronous operation – Offers full asynchronous duplication across a greater number of drives for a faster duplication process
• Row of 8 – The USB DupeBox offers 8 USB Connections across each horizontal row for greater volume of USB pen drives across each row
• Greater compatibility – The USB DupeBox has the ability to work with a larger array of USB pen drives on the market.
• Larger systems – New USBDupeBox offers up to 128 USB connections for our largest USB duplication capabilities compared to any of our previous offerings

This is just a sample of some of the improvements and abilities the USB DupeBox offers. If you provide USB duplication as a service, The USB DupeBox allows you to cut your time down dramatically by allowing you to copy more pen drives in a single operation. Check it out for yourself.

For more details on any of the products that Vinpower carries, please visit our website at or speak with an official Vinpower representative near you.

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