Vinpower’s Standalone Printer Controller works with an array of optical disc printers and is so easy, anyone can use it.

Printer controller - NAB

Why waste a perfectly useful desktop or laptop computer dedicating it to your disc printer when it could be put to much better use for other important tasks, like checking Facebook. Vinpower’s compact lightweight standalone printer controller, model # VPD-PRT, allows the user to load multiple print files onto a USB thumb drive & print your discs virtually anywhere across a variety of optical disc printers. Vinpower has worked with a number of printer manufacturers to allow our printer controller to be paired with a wide selection of optical disc printers to give the user the opportunity to choose the printer they are most comfortable with.

The Vinpower standalone printer controller, VPD-PRT, works with the following optical disc printers:
• Primera Bravo 4100, Bravo se
• Epson A50,T50,P50,R290,L800
• Rimage Prism III
• Canon iPx4970
• HP FlashJet, Puma
• TEAC P55

The standalone printer controller is perfect for those who use volunteers or employees that are not accustomed to operating a disc printer, because it simplifies the print process so that anyone can use it. Even those that are not as technologically savvy can easily operate the Vinpower standalone printer controller. The VPD-PRT will be on display at Vinpower’s booth, South Hall (Lower) – SL7406, during the NAB trade show April 18th through 21st for anyone that would like to see the system in action for themselves. For more details on any of the products that Vinpower carries, please visit our website at or speak with an official Vinpower representative near you.

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