Here’s a very enlightening video for a topic most of us take for granted, the amazing technology behind an Optical Disc Drive

how ODD works

When was the last time you thought about the incredible genius behind the invention of the light bulb, or even our ability to create and harness electricity for that matter? I would guess probably rarely if ever, because today we take these amazing leaps in technology for granted. That’s also true for how complicated it truly is to accurately and consistently duplicate optical discs through an Optical Disc Drive (ODD). I’ve worked in this industry for nearly 12 years and I honestly never knew how many intricate parts had to work together with essentially little to no room for error just to burn a single disc, let alone hundreds, if not thousands of them.

I recently came across this video about the amazing technologies behind an ODD and found it very fascinating. It’s a testament to the intellect of the engineers that developed the first CD recorder drive, then DVD recorder drive, as well as the Blu-ray recorder drive. They had to consider so many issues that the common person would probably have never imagined. The video is in Japanese with English subtitles, but I found it very fascinating and I imagine there are others out there that are like me and will be just as enlightened. Click on the below link to see for yourself how much thought and ingenuity the engineers have to consider to get the common ODD to work accurately, which we’ve taken for granted for many years:

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