With nearly 2 million Americans purchasing the new Adele CD in the 1st week, shows optical discs are still very desirable in the US and around the world.


It was announced that from Nov. 20th – Nov. 26th, musical artist Adele, sold over 3.38 million copies of her latest album “25” in the US alone. Of those sales, over 1.7 million of her albums were from actual compact discs rather than digital downloads. That shows that even though digital downloads of music are still very prevalent, there is still a large population of consumers that prefer a tangible medium, like a CD, to purchase and listen to their music.

You don’t have to be a megastar like Adele to get people to buy your CD. In fact, with inexpensive recording equipment and disc duplication hardware, like the Vinpower line of optical disc duplicators, smaller independent artists have an even better opportunity to get their music heard by selling CD’s to their fans than ever before. When you’re performing in front of an audience and they are anxious to purchase a copy of your CD, why send them to a website and risk losing the sale? It’s better to have physical compact discs available on site or use a Vinpower duplicator along with Optodisc media to create new CD’s on the spot in a couple of minutes.

The Compact Disc is very much alive and will continue to be a very prominent medium along with digital downloads. Don’t believe me, just ask the nearly 2 million people in the US that purchased a physical Compact Disc of Adele’s album recently and I’m sure there will be plenty more that will continue to do so in the weeks ahead.

For more details about Vinpower’s line of duplication hardware and optical disc media, visit our website, www.vinpowerdigital.com or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

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