In an effort to restructure, Imation has accelerated plans to exit the media business


Announced this week, Imation plans to wind down its media business and end their long-term license agreement with TDK Corporation. This is a major announcement on the heels of Taiyo Yuden also announcing their decision to exit the optical disc field to concentrate on other business opportunities earlier this summer. There have been a number of smaller media manufactures and suppliers exiting the industry over the last year or two, but the fact that two of the more prominent media suppliers, in TY and Imation have made plans to move away from selling optical media, it leaves a number of customers with a void to fill for their recordable optical discs.

Imation and Taiyo Yuden didn’t decide to exit the market because they had zero sales, it was due to the fact that sales weren’t as profitable as they had been previously and they were public companies that had to show future growth. However, there is still a sizeable market for recordable optical discs around the world. Vinpower is focused intently on being the company that can fulfill the needs of those displaced customers looking for an alternative solution to TY or Imation, but not suffer any drop off in quality or reliability. Vinpower’s OptoDisc media has quickly picked up a following of believers that the OptoDisc media will consistently and reliably perform up to and often beyond their expectations.

OptoDisc media will continue to be available if virtually every format type, such as CD-R, DVD+/-R, DVD+R DL, BD-R, BD-R DL, etc., as well as surface types, including silver top, inkjet printable and thermal printable in white or silver matte, as well as the glossy water and scratch resistant Liquid Defense Plus inkjet printable. If you have not tried OptoDisc media and have been using Taiyo Yuden/JVC or Imation, this is a great opportunity to test OptoDisc today to see if it would be a perfect replacement for your business or personal use.

To learn more about Vinpower Digital and our line of OptoDisc or other media and hardware solutions, visit the Vinpower Digital website, or speak with a Vinpower representative in your area.

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