For your duplicated Blu-ray discs, isn’t it better to have Blu-ray copy protection than no protection at all?


When you leave your house, park your car, or bicycle, don’t you take precautions and lock them up before you walk away? So if you have the opportunity, why wouldn’t you add copy protection to your Blu-ray projects, for that added level of security? Regardless of whether you’re making copies of your child’s dance recital, a customer’s wedding, or the movie you produced that you hope will one day be the next Hollywood blockbuster, isn’t it worth adding protection to help prevent others from copying it and preventing you from capitalizing on your investment?

Vinpower developed a simple method to embed a level of added security to Blu-ray discs that have been duplicated using our standalone SharkBluCP series duplicators. The SharkBluCP standalone duplicators come standard with the ability to copy all optical disc formats, including CD, DVD and Blu-ray, but with the advantage of being able to implement an extra level of protection that helps prevent others from making additional copies of your work. Nothing is 100% at preventing duplication, even the most advanced methods of protection can be defeated, but it’s a lot better than no protection at all.

So if the cost of the SharkBluCP duplicator is virtually the same a standard Blu-ray duplicator, why wouldn’t you upgrade to a model that offers the unique ability to embed BD copy protection, rather than nothing at all?

For more details about the SharkBluCP or any Vinpower product, visit our website or contact a local Vinpower representative.

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