Don’t let “Taiwan Solution” fool you, it’s not authentic unless it says “Made in Taiwan”


Taiwan has become the global leader in manufacturing recordable optical discs, like CD’s, DVD’s, and Blu-ray. That doesn’t mean that every disc manufacturer in Taiwan is the best, but many of the best discs sold around the world are made in Taiwan. Seeing “Made in Taiwan”, gives customers a sense of confidence that it’s more likely to be better quality media.

Because of this reputation, there are companies that want to trick their customers that their media comes from Taiwan or is of the same quality, by labeling it as, “Taiwan Solution”. So they will sell it as a Taiwanese media, but in reality it could be from anywhere. Typically this is done so that the seller can mix between low grade media and a higher grade media from Taiwan to make the customers think that all of the media is actually “Made in Taiwan” and it should have a better quality.

Ultimately, the customer ends up with media that is hit or miss, where some batches are OK and others are very low quality, often manufactured by companies outside Taiwan with lower standards. But when they use the “Taiwan Solution”, there’s no way to tell which media is from the good or bad manufacturers, because you don’t know where it’s from.

Don’t get tricked by marketing tactics, be aware when media says “Taiwan Solution” that it doesn’t mean its “Made in Taiwan”. Contact Vinpower Digital to ensure you get true “Made in Taiwan” media at the best pricing.

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