When it comes to Blu-Ray and HD DVD, companies are pulling out all the stops to come out on top!

With the growing competition between Blu-ray and HD DVD, LG has launched the very first high definition disc player called “Super Multi Blue” (BH-100 as its model name) that is compatible with both Blu-ray and HD DVD in early January at the consumer Electronics Show(CES) held in Las Vegas to seize the fire. But don’t go wave the white flag in the format war just yet. Videophiles find the player’s flaws that stop it from being just perfect.

This winner of a Best of CES award was certainly one big catch of the eye at the show event. As the rep demonstrate discs labeled with both Blu-ray and HD DVD watermark playing in the same set top box, throngs of press and exhibition goers gathered in front of LG’s booth to watch the impressive moments. As Dr. Hee Grook Lee, president and chief technology officer of LG Electronics, explained, “the Super Multi Blue Player was developed to end the confusion caused by the current competition between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. Customers are no longer forced to choose between the two formats.” However, video gamers and TV fans might have different opinions.

Based on the recent review by TV fans, the Super Multi Blue Player doesn’t support interactive menus and some of the special video features like a HD DVD player do. The visual quality is good, according to the review writer, but not beyond expectation. With the retail price at $1,199, this player actually cost more than two cheaper Blu-Ray or HD DVD players. So unless you are strongly motivated to have one disc player instead of two, fans suggest waiting for more peace keepers in the HD format war to come.

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