September starts the fall sales season, do you have enough inventory on hand?


September is a crucial month for retailers as it is when both the state and federal government’s fiscal year comes to an end and students head back to school. In fact, many government agencies must use up any remaining budget on the books before the end of September, the new budgets and fiscal year begin on the 1st of October. So the combination of workers coming back from long summer vacations, schools starting their new educational years, and governments looking to spend any money remaining in their current fiscal year budgets, often means big business to merchants with products to sell into those sectors.

Duplication hardware, media, and supplies are very much in demand across these sectors and it’s important to make sure that you are stocked up as time is limited. For government in particular, anything they order has to ship and be invoiced prior to October 1st, or they won’t be able to apply it to this year’s budget, causing the transaction to count against the following year’s budget. So if a vendor is not prepared and doesn’t have stock on hand, they could lose the opportunity and potentially miss out on future sales.

Don’t take any chances, contact Vinpower today and make sure you have enough inventory or time to order the necessary blank media and duplication hardware/components you need to fulfill your upcoming orders. Vinpower is fully stocked and ready to work with you, speak with a Vinpower representative for all your duplication hardware, media, and accessory needs.

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