Over 100 celebrities had hundreds of pictures of them stolen from the cloud and posted online, doesn’t sound too secure.


With the revelation of an anonymous hacker stealing hundreds of private images stored in the cloud, from over 100 celebrities, goes to show just how vulnerable the cloud can be for your digital content. Not only are the files stored on the cloud at risk from potential hackers copying the content, but that means they could also delete, alter or infect them with a computer virus as well. That places a lot more than just your memories or reputation at risk, but could bring down companies if critical information fell into the wrong hands. There’s only one secure method to copy and store digital content where that material cannot be accessed remotely, altered, or deleted, and that’s by using optical discs. Using recordable CD’s, DVD’s and/or Blu-ray media is the best method to ensure that your digital content will not fall into the wrong hands or broadcast across the internet.

So if you care about your content and want to make sure that it’s safe for you and your client base, then you should contact Vinpower Digital for pricing on the latest in digital duplication hardware and media.

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