Does the HDD Duplication Speed Really Make That Much Difference?

Vinpower announced the recent release of its Hard Drive (HDD) Duplicator, boasting the exceptionally fast duplication speed of max 150MB/sec. That’s all well and good, but what does that mean in real time duplication and will it really make a difference in the time it takes to duplicate a HDD?

When you look at many of the competing HDD Duplicators, you’ll find that most of them top out at around 90MB/sec. So if you look at it more closely, that means the Vinpower HDD Duplicator can copy approx. 9GB/min, while the competition can only copy at 5GB/min. So, if you extrapolate that out over a now standard 500GB HDD, in theory, the Vinpower duplicator can copy the entire HDD in less than 30 minutes while the competition will take nearly an hour to complete. Take that further to a 2TB HDD and the time gap between the two becomes even further apart. The Vinpower unit, using the same criteria, could take less than 4 hours to copy while the competition would take nearly 7 hours to complete.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of much better things to do with my 3 hours than wait for a duplication job to finish. So if your time and money is important to you, I would recommend you read the specs carefully and judge for yourself which type of HDD Duplicator you’d rather use, the one that saves you time or the one you’re constantly waiting on, I know what I’d choose.

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