Stability Means a lot in Uncertain Times

Everywhere you turn the news seems to focus on how unstable the economy is or how this company or that company is in trouble or going out of business. It seems that now more than ever, it’s hard to say who will still be around in the coming years or even in the next 6 months.

When you purchase a product, that might not be a big factor at the time of purchase, but you have to take into account the warranty you received with that product. In most cases, for electronic equipment, the standard warranty is 12 months. In some cases you’ll find companies willing to offer up to 3 years limited warranty for free and optional extended warranties up to 5 years for a fee. That’s where the customer should be very concerned and scrutinize the economic stability of that company.

Take for instance, I purchased a piece of furniture not that long ago. At the time I thought it was a good idea to get the extended warranty since I have young children. Anyone with young children know that new furniture is like a red cape to a bull, it’s just asking to be put to the test. Well during the financial crisis, the company that I purchased the furniture and hence the warranty from, went out of business and my safety net extended warranty that I paid extra for, disappeared just as quickly.

That’s why I value the fact the Vinpower has remained securely stable, even during these troubling times, giving our reseller network and ultimately our customers the confidence that not only will we be around to support their existing products, but that we’ll be around to support their future purchases long into the future as well.

So when you look for products, whether it be duplicators or alarm clocks, make sure that besides looking solely at price, you check something more critical, the stability of the company behind the product you want to purchase.

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