3-D is Everywhere

It’s not hard to recognize that 3-D is becoming a major force in video content, just look at all of the movies being released in 3-D regardless of whether it’s necessary or not. Plus all of the TV manufactures are all rushing to put out 3-D capable TV sets. So it’s not a stretch to imagine 3-D being the preeminent format for home video and video games, but Nintendo is taking it a step further as they introduced their new 3DS, 3-D portable video game system that doesn’t require 3-D glasses.


Our C.E.O. Calvin Chang was visiting Japan when he noticed this large kiosk at the Tokyo JR Station (one of the main train stations in Tokyo). Being thoroughly impressed by the technology and strong 3-D graphics, Mr. Chang thought how the 3-D craze will ultimately be a boost for the duplication market. The things that crossed his mind were, the amount of capacity needed for feature length 3-D content is much too large for anything other than Blu-ray optical discs at this time. The playability between duplicated and replicated Blu-ray discs and is identical, so there is no drop off for duplication. The drop in pricing for Blu-ray related products, such as the writer drives, players, recordable media, etc. all are encouraging signs as we look toward the influx of purchases for this format.

We are encouraged by this major push toward multi-platform 3-D and we think it can only benefit the consumer and the reproduction industry.

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