Vinpower Digital is proud to announce that our Cronus publishing system will now be offered with the TEAC P-55 thermal printer.


Vinpower Digital’s Cronus series publishing solutions have been well received on the market but there’s still a segment of the customer base that prefers the natural water & scratch resistance as well as vibrant glossy appearance of thermal print quality.  That’s why we are proud to announce in a cooperative effort with TEAC, the Cronus series is now available with the TEAC P-55 color thermal printer. The TEAC P-55 thermal printer is the world’s only dye-sublimation thermal disc printer providing the world’s highest image quality and fastest print speeds in its product class. It is also the only full-color CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) thermal printer with “True Black”.    The Cronus series are available with 2 or 4 drives as CD/DVD only or with Blu-ray capability and comes with many advanced applications such as:

  • Networking support (Client/Server)
  • True Speed Asynchronous duplication for a faster run rate.
  •  Job Queue: Supports the ability to queue multiple jobs for unattended operation.
  •  Email notification when jobs are complete or the reporting of an error condition.
  •  Powerful Label Design software
  •  Quick Text Printing (Text Overlapping)
  •  Serial # / Barcode Printing support
  •  Job Report Generating
  •  Multiple Job Queue Management Support
  •  Web Based Administration
  •  Adjustable Layouts for customized viewing
  •  Multi-master read-in support: Users can read-in a stack of masters and create CDI or      ISO images.
  • Hardware can be integrated within existing customer base software for greater implementation within the environment.

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