Hoping the holidays were happy and the New Year is productive!

Except for all the rain here in Southern California over the past few weeks, it has been a thoroughly enjoyable holiday season. The Vinpower family has its eyes set on the coming year, with numerous product releases and updates. Come check out what’s happening at CES Las Vegas, January 6-9. It’s going to be exciting!

My own family decided to take off some extra time and enjoy the week before Christmas in the desert. We went to Palm Springs, turned off the alarm clock, and did nothing. The time was spent just enjoying being together. We brought along our digital camera, of course, and now have a disk full of memories. This now begs the question how to share those memories with family and friends. Previously when using film, sharing vacation pictures involved double prints or gathering everyone together for a slide show. (Remember those ordeals in a darkly light room?)  

With the advent of the digital age, we can post our images to the web. Being a bit more creative than this and wanting my own family to have lasting memories, I’ll put the images to music and create a video slide show on DVD. After creating the master, I place it in a multi-target Vinpower duplicator and instantly begin making copies. This allows us to share with distant friends and relatives, through the old fashion communication method of letter writing and the US mail. Since almost everyone has a DVD player hooked up to their TV, even our 90-year-old non-computer literate Abuelita can see our pictures, hear the music, and share in our adventures.

Palm Springs balcony view  Giraffe at the Living Desert Palm Desert, CA Wild Lights at the Living Desert Palm Desert, CA

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