Battle Of The Bay!

pirate.jpg     VS     forty-niner.jpg 

   The battle of the Bay has arrived! The Forty Niners of San Francisco will take on the Raiders of Oakland for bragging rights on who is best to represent the Bay Area. Well to this point, it appears that the Niners would not be the best to carry that torch being that they have not won a game in the 5 weeks of the 2010 season. On the other hand, you have the Raiders who have still not quite righted their ship since the Buccaneers of Tampa Bay pillaged their ship in the 2003 season. Therefore, you have the best of the worst battling for bragging rights in an irrelevant war. If you had a Vinpower Digital duplicator, you would be able to duplicate the video footage of prouder days for both of these teams. For now, you have Sunday where these two-hated rivals will go head to head and you’re guaranteed to see a fight!         

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