The HD-DVD format has their market too

In an effort to be fair and show impartiality in the battle between HD-DVD and Blu-ray, this article shows how HD-DVD is excelling in the corporate market. Recently, most of my postings have skewed toward how the consumer market is leaning toward the Blu-ray format, but HD-DVD has been establishing their presence in the corporate and enterprise market.

The corporate market, (such as the banking/financial, medical, fortune 500, etc.), need better ways of archiving data then standard DVD can provide. Even though the Blu-ray format holds more data, (25GB vs. 15GB for single layer or 50GB vs. 30GB for double layer), HD-DVD holds an advantage in that its components and discs are cheaper. In a time when the bottom line is everything, the enterprise market can be quite price sensitive, but in the end, performance means everything. So we’ll see how this all pans out.

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