3D TV IS HERE!!!!!

IT’S HERE!!! The launch of the 3D TV has happen! Vinpower Digital’s CEO Calvin Chang experienced the 3D TV at an electronics shop during his business trip in Japan. 3D TV’s are currently available in Japan and soon to hit the American market. Although you may be able to connect your DVD player to this TV, would you want to experience your new 3D TV with new Blu-ray technology or old DVD media? Blu-ray right! With the demand for the visual quality increasing so will the demand for the storage of that content. The introduction to Blu-ray media has only been preparing you for this moment. The demand for Bly-ray media is progressing with more and more technological advancements don’t be left behind.

Vinpower Digital’s CEO Calvin Chang captured this image of customers viewing 3D TV’s at an electronics shop during a business trip to Japan.

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