Game Night

As a surprise early birthday celebration, my wife took me to the Los Angeles Clippers vs. Portland Trailblazers basketball game last night. As a basketball fan, it’s exciting to see any professional teams play in person. But these tickets were exceptionally good and it made the night even more exciting as you can see from these photos taken during the game:

craig-smith.jpg photo_010410_009.jpg
photo_010410_010.jpg photo_010410_011.jpg

One thing that I realized is that HD broadcasts are so clear, it’s almost like being at the game. In fact, even though I was in the front row, the clarity of the HD picture gives you clarity you couldn’t get anywhere else, even at the game. So there’s no question that everything will be in HD and anyone who wishes to produce video content will have to do it in HD. In order to produce HD content, you have to use the much higher capacity of Blu-ray discs, so it’s only a matter of time before all videographers switch over to Blu-ray to shoot their videos. Just an observation.

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