Gitex – Bringing IT Products to the Middle East

As we prepare for another Gitex, (this will be our 5th year participating in what is billed as the largest ICT trade show in the Middle East), we are encouraged by the rapid adoption of digital duplication in this growing marketplace. As Vinpower Digital expands our offerings from optical disc into common flash duplication through our USB Duplication line, we are certain that this expansion will be a huge success in the Middle East region.

From our experience, as technology continues to expand rapidly, the biggest winners are developing nations where they can merely leap frog old technology for the newer more easily adaptable to countries with minimal old technology infrastructure. For example, take phone service. In many 3rd world and developing nations, they were unable to cable the entire country (especially remote locations) for standard land line telephony. With the introduction of wireless cell phone technology, those countries/regions are able to integrate cell phone towers throughout the region at a far lower cost and hence allow the entire area to have communication capabilities where it once seemed impossible.

So, as we do every year, we look forward to the expanding and capable market of the Middle East as a strategic growth center for new and emerging technologies.

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