Chinese Ghost Festival

Every year during the Ghost Festival, (dated July 15 on the lunar calendar), many companies, households, and temples will prepare lots of food items like fruits, drinks, cookies, etc. to “sacrifice” for our ancestors as well as those who have died unjust deaths so they can rest in peace. We worship in the hope that society and households can be at peace and healthy.


Therefore, you could see our President –Mr. Chang lead Vinpower’s members in a ritual ceremony to offer our “sacrifice” sincerely. At the end of this ceremony, we burn paper money, light firecrackers and pray for our ancestors so that our business can be more successful and profitable in the coming year.

burning-money.JPG fireworks.JPG

In addition, there is a big traditional public event related to this festival which is held in Keelung, Taiwan every year. People will release water lanterns carrying their prayers of well-wishers one by one into the water. As the lanterns sail into the ocean they will light up the Keelung night.

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