The Brains Behind the Vinpower Digital Line of Duplicators

When most customers purchase a duplicator, they probably assume they’re all the same and that the operating system behind the standalone duplicator is generally the same as well. That’s where I want to correct this misconception. The standalone duplicator is unique in that it requires a special dedicated controller device that is small enough to fit within the confines of a duplicator casing, yet is inexpensive enough to allow the duplicator to be priced affordably for the general public. With these limitations, one cannot take a standard computer motherboard and just adapt it to the duplicators needs. Firstly it’s not a dedicated device, secondly it’s too large for most of the medium to smaller systems and lastly the cost of the components and software is prohibitive given the pricing constraints.

So every controller on the market has to be specially programmed by engineers to achieve perfect burning capabilities without errors. In itself this is not difficult if you’re a skilled computer programmer, but the difficult part lies in programming these many functions and applications within a very limited capacity. I won’t get into the specifics, but just know that our programmers are constantly working to squeeze the maximum capabilities within the confines of their space limitations.

Programming is only one part of the controller development. The second major development hurdle is the board layout design and component configurations. You can have the best programmers in the world, but if the board layout and circuit components are not designed and utilized correctly, the controller will not be worth the code written on it. Being the only controller manufacturer that is also a system builder and designer, we have unique insight that helps us produce a stronger and more reliable controller both in software and hardware.

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