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Recently Vinpower Digital’s CEO, Calvin Chang, was interviewed by Chinese Daily, a daily newspaper aimed at the growing Chinese community living in America. The journalist wanted to do a story about Computex and the growth of its influence in the IT and electronic industry here and abroad. To get a better perspective the journalist sought out a respected member of the electronic community who understands the marketplace and the influence Taiwan and Computex is gaining globally. This lead to an interview with Mr. Chang which appeared in the May 29, 2007 issue of the Chinese Daily.

Since the article is written in Chinese, the following is a brief summary of the article along with a link to the actual article below:

With the Computex trade show taking place in Taipei, Taiwan from June 5th ~ 9th, 2007, it is becoming increasing important for western businesses. With 30,000 oversea buyers attending the Computex , compared to 100,000 Asian buyers, western businesses see the benefits of traveling to Taiwan to source products and parts. Calvin Chang, CEO of Vinpower Digital, discusses the importance of Computex for everyone looking to purchase IT/electronic products as well as for Taiwanese and other Asian sellers to be seen at Computex. In fact, powerhouse American electronic trade shows like CES and NAB are seeing fewer buyers looking to make purchases at the show. In contrast, increasing numbers of overseas buyers are looking to make deals and commit to purchasing quantities of parts and products immediately. Please contact Vinpower Digital at [email protected] if you’d like more information about the article.

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    Well done.

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    Excellent work… much respect dudes…


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