Plextor exhibits the PX-DM300 at the CeBIT trade show

The Plextor PX-DM300 was a joint venture developed by Vinpower Digital on behalf of Plextor of a compact 3 slim CD/DVD standalone duplicator which was first introduced nearly 2 years ago in Japan. Initially, we were chosen to work on this project because of our strong engineering background and the fact that we currently have the most reliable and functional standalone duplication controller on the market. Plus Plextor knew that we could meet their lengthy list of stringent requirements essential in order to brand this unit with the Plextor name.


These kinds of products often have short life spans, especially in the IT/CE product realm. So the fact that Plextor not only continues to offer the PX-DM300 but also is still actively promoting the product is a strong testament to its durability and demand in the marketplace.

plextor-booth.jpg ryan-intro.jpg

We are proud of our association with Plextor as they have a strong reputation for quality and longevity in the optical disc duplication field. Seeing the unit as the only duplicator displayed amongst a bevy of Plextor products, which are wholly unrelated to disc duplication, is a coup de gras for Vinpower Digital in our efforts to become the leading global CD, DVD, Blu-ray duplicator manufacturer.

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