Munich Hall – The Largest Trade Fair Restaurant in the World Located at the CeBIT Fairground

Munich Hall, which is the largest trade fair restaurant in the world, provides traditional German meals and drinks at a spacious ballroom with 3200 seats. You can see waitresses all in traditional costume and you can enjoy all kinds of delicious food and Bavarian cheese. Best of all is Munich beer in a huge traditional glass which the waiters and waitresses impressively carry up to 10 or so by hand to your table.

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Every year when Vinpower attends CeBIT, we will bring customers to the Munich Hall to enjoy this traditional Bavarian style restaurant and all its entertainment and excitement. Munich Hall offers a variety of choices and dishes. Most of them are traditional hearty fare such as Hendl (chicken), Haxn (knuckle of pork), Würstel (sausages) along with Brezel (Pretzel), Knödeln (potato or bread dumplings), Sauerkraut or Blaukraut (red cabbage) along with such Bavarian delicacies as Obatzda (a fatty, spiced cheese-butter concoction) we had ordered that night.

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With its dueling live bands playing music in the background, the whole place is full of excitement and cheers. After a few dinks of traditional Munich Beer, people were dancing happily on the hall floor, chairs and tables, and singing along with the music. It is truly a great place that you celebrate in an authentic atmosphere and let the busy trade day come to a relaxing end.

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    Comment by emma — March 30, 2009 #

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