Great people, great food and of course, great annual party~~~

Although the Chinese New Year has passed and all we have are our memories, this past New Years celebration was even more special because of the global economic hardships that have affected us all. It’s a testament to how we’ve persevered and managed to forge ahead even under difficult circumstances. This is a direct reflection on the employees within the company and how we have all stuck together to make our products even better and more desirable so that we can gain greater market share and continue to prosper in these difficult times. This is in honor to those I work with and how we’ve all come together professionally and socially, especially in this case.

Say Good Bye to 2008, we welcome 2009~~

In celebrating the Chinese New Year, we had our annual dinner party, or as we say “Spring Wine”, at a Korean BBQ restaurant in the Los Angeles region of Southern California.

Guys, let’s have dinner

Everyone within the company are welcome to join the festivities. We had lots of guests ranging in age from 9 months to 50. But I would say it’s also a beauty contest, as I am working with handsome men and beautiful women.

First up, the male group~

Our sales guy and R&D leader, or u can say the sexist guy and smartest guy.

Our valuable R&D team showing the mood of the evening.

This expression is so FUNNY ~~ Thanks to our production line guys to make sure we have good quality products shipped to our customers~

Here comes the baby group

See how cute they are. There are no winners or losers in the kid’s world, so I will say they’re all winners of the baby group.

Best things always comes last,

Beauties from Taiwan. say chees~~

We have beauty with big eyes and with see through lace back dress beauties….. What’s that guy looking at?
I can announce it’s best of the year.

Great papa and mama group,

It’s a wonderful night and thanks for all members who joined this meal.
See you next year~~


Happy Chinese new year~

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