Art Is Life Through Electronics

Recently I read a book about interior design which brought up some new ideas for me. With the changes of modern society, art and design have bonded in our lives. Nowadays, people have different standards and requirements for many items in life, such as dinnerware, furniture, and kitchen utensils. Originally, we only cared about the basic function of these tools. Gradually we added some modern designs and fashion elements to kitchenware and furniture for a more aesthetically pleasing look. For example, the first TV sets were very large bulky items which took up a lot of space in our living rooms. Now they have been redesigned as slim wall hanging units with flat screen displays that look more like art hung on the wall. With its new design, our living room has become more spacious and attractive, yet retaining its intended functionality of displaying televised programming.

In addition, a kitchen is no longer a small and individual area that only mom goes in and out of to prepare the family’s meals. Now, the kitchen takes on many more roles as a conversation room, party room, workroom, day care center, living room and a place with laughter and the (hopefully) pleasant aroma of food. We’ve come to expect our furniture and life equipment to not only be designed for utility but also for beauty and greater functionality.

The same is true for duplication equipment. In the past, we defined optical disc duplication towers as an industrial machine, more suitable for a small niche market. Now the duplicator market has grown and stepped out of the industrial facilities and into offices and homes. In order to capitalize on the growing popularization of duplication equipment and be in line with other CE products evolution to fit in to more visible environments, Vinpower Duplicator spent a lot of time and effort on the overall design and appearance. Our duplicator line is not only a machine for you to make copies of optical discs like CD’s, DVD’s or Blu-ray, but also a beautifully designed and crafted piece of art that can be proudly displayed and greater utilization.

This transformation started with our line of manual tower SharkCopier duplicators and has transitioned to our line of autoloaders as well. In August, we released our new product-THE CUBE. It is designed as a compact light weight robotic autoloader that is easy to transport and is attractive enough to display on a desk in an office. Plus at an incredibly low price point, The Cube fits nearly every budget. The Cube is a small but mighty addition to a growing line of aesthetically pleasing functional office duplication equipment.

Click the link below to see The Cube in action:

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