The iXflash extends the storage capacity of your iPhone/iPad by allowing the user to take photos and videos that go directly to the iXflash

No Space No Worries - iXflash

It finally happened to me. I was at an event taking lots of photos and videos and low and behold, I got the dreaded “iPhone Storage Full” notification. Generally when something like that happens, you have 2 options, of which neither is preferable: stop taking pictures or frantically find items you can delete to give you more storage space. However, in my case, I was fortunate that I had my iXflash with me. I simply plugged it in, opened the iXflash App, selected the photo feature, and kept on taking pictures and videos with no worries because they all went directly to the iXflash drive and didn’t use any memory from my full storage iPhone. I didn’t have to miss any moments that I wanted to capture and I didn’t have to sacrifice any stored content on my iPhone to get it.

This is just one of the great advantages the iXflash offers. Take into account the iPhone photo/video backup and restore options; ability to transfer content between an iPhone/iPad and any type of computer; movie and music playback, read only, and much more. Don’t miss out, get an iXflash today!

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