Thank you for visiting the Vinpower booth during the 2024 CES Trade Show

CES 2024 follow up

For those of you that visited Vinpower’s booth during the 2024 CES, we thank you and look forward to following up on our discussions. The 2024 CES Innovation Award Honoree, iXCharger, which is the first of its kind 65W 1.5TB charging storage cube, created the greatest buzz. We anticipate the iXCharger will be available for sales in late March or early April 2024, so this is the perfect time to forecast demand for the first production schedule. After the release of the 65W iXCharger, we look forward to the larger 100W and 140W versions, which will come with 2 USB C connections, will follow suit. For those that would like more details about the iXCharger, please reply to this email and we will be happy to get follow up with you.

Additionally, our original iXflash and the iXflash Cube also registered tremendous positive inquiries as well, especially since both are readily available now. The iXflash is the traveling hard drive with both a USB (either Type A or C) and Lightning connection for your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). It can back up all your photos and videos, record video without using any of your iOS device’s memory, transfer files between your iOS device and computer, and watch, listen, or work on files stored on the iXflash through your iOS device, including some files that are not natively supported by Apple. Additionally, Vinpower was the first to obtain the Apple MFi certification for a flash drive with a USB Type A and C connections. Plus the iXflash Cube, is a portable storage device that connects to your iOS devices charging cube and cable to allow the user to charger their iOS device and automatically backup all photos, videos, and contacts at the same time. That way, you always have a backup that you can easily transfer to a computer with a USB connection for safe keeping or easy viewing.

Plus, our line of duplicators, especially the hard drive, USB, and SD duplicators also garnered interest from a number of visitors. Flash is increasingly used across many devices and duplication is the only way to mass produce the content stored on them. Vinpower’s flash and hard drive duplicators make it easy and reliable.

For more details about these products or any product in the Vinpower offering, please visit our website, or contact a representative near you.

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