WARNING! There is a flood of counterfeit and low-quality USB Flash media hitting the market!

Beware of bad flash

USB flash media has long been an easy method to save and share digital content. The problem is that as capacity increases, the stability and reliability of the flash supply decreases. The reason for this imbalance is due to opportunist taking advantage of the strong demand by passing off defective, mislabeled, and low-grade USB to a marketplace looking for cheaper solutions.

There have been many cases where USB drives did not actually contain the memory size indicated on the drive or that there are numerous bad sectors that could cause you to lose parts or all of the data stored on that USB device. The notion that you get what you pay for has its merits, but sometimes it doesn’t matter what you pay if you can’t rely on the source or have any proof what they are claiming is actually what you’re getting.

That’s why Vinpower is entering the USB flash business as a trusted wholesale supplier. Vinpower wants to remove the risk of not getting what you ordered or discovering later that the drives are actually defective and deceptive. As a USB duplicator manufacturer, Vinpower has developed tools to help weed out the bad USB flash from the good ones to ensure 100% reliability and sustainability. Plus, by working directly with the manufacturing source, we remove the middle men costs and provide pricing that is competitive with even the low grade USB flash media.
For more details about this item or any products that Vinpower offers, visit www.vinpowerdigital.com,www.vinpowerdigital.com, or speak with a Vinpower representative near you.

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