The Sony 128GB BDXL Blu-ray recordable media is made to last 50+ years, ensuring your data will be available long into the future.

50 yr archival 128GB Sony

Where will you be 50 years from now? Many of us may not want to know the answer to that, but one thing we can say for certain, if you store your digital content on the Sony 128GB BDXL optical discs, your data will certainly be available 50 plus years from now. Even if you’re not around, wouldn’t you want to ensure that all your most important photographs and videos will be safe for decades to come? That way, multi-generations can enjoy these memories and carry on the legacy!

The Sony 128GB BDXL recordable Blu-ray media is manufactured in Japan to the highest standards and offers maximum capacity for a single sided optical discs along with long life archival quality. If you have digital content that you want to pass down to future generations and want to ensure its integrity and reliability, the Sony 128GB BDXL media is the perfect solution for you.

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