The iXflash Cube allows you to backup and share all your vacation photos and videos effortlessly!

iXflash Cube back up peace of mind 2

When you travel for vacation, most people typically want to memorialize the trip with photos and videos along the way. That was the case for my family as we traveled out of town and took lots of pictures and videos with my iPhone. Since I’m a huge advocate for backing up those irreplaceable memories, I like to download a copy of that content to store on an external source, in my case, 2 separate external hard drives that I store in separate locations. You can never be too careful and I’d be very upset if I every lost those files.

With that said, the iXflash Cube makes it so incredibly easy and convenient to back up those images and transfer them to another source or to share with friends and family members. Each day or night, I simply connect my iPhone to a regular charging cable with the iXflash Cube connected and not only is my iPhone recharged, but within minutes, all my pictures and videos are backed up. I didn’t need to do anything extra, it’s automatic. This is especially helpful with the large video files that are too big to email and too much of a hassle to upload from iTunes. Using the iXflash Cube is no different than not using it, there are no extra steps, so you almost forget you’re even using it. Every time you charge your iPhone with the same cable that’s connected to the iXflash Cube, your images and videos are securely transferred to the iXflash Cube, then you use the USB connection to easily download those files to whomever or wherever you want.

To learn more about this item, or any of Vinpower’s line of products, visit, or speak with a Vinpower representative in your area.

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