With the costs of entertainment through the roof, it’s cheaper and more enjoyable to watch movies at home

Cost to go out

Even before inflation made everything more expensive and the price of eggs worth more than gold, taking your family to dinner and a movie almost required a personal loan. Today, that cost is nearly double. I was going to take my family to see the latest Marvel extravaganza this past weekend, but the tickets alone was going to cost over $100, then you add the cost of food and drinks on top of that, and it becomes a huge expense. Plus, that same movie, will most likely be available for home viewing on DVD and Blu-ray within a matter of a few months. I could understand the need in the past to see the movie in the theater, when you would wait a year or more before it was released on home video. Now, there’s so much entertainment everywhere fighting for your hard earned money, best to save where you can and instead, spend a tenth of the cost watching a movie at home.

Nowadays, our TV’s are nearly as big as a movie screen and the sound and visual quality with 4K Blu-ray is also on par, but you don’t have to put up with listening to other people’s commentary or missing the best parts of the movie because you needed to use the bathroom halfway through. Instead, you can use this time to bond as a family or one on one time with that special person and make the night even more entertaining.

You may think, why not just stream a movie instead of buying it on disc? Think about it this way, the cost to rent a digital stream is as much if not more than buying the movie outright, so why not own the movie instead of paying more to watch it just once?

If the high price of going out is leaving you sad, turn that frown upside down and have a good ole fashion staycation in your living room. Let the movies transport you to new places or revisit the places you’ve loved in the past. Vinpower offers plenty of products from optical discs to drives, USB, SSD, and iPhone flash that will allow you to live your best life and not break the bank.

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