In the world of audio recordings, older technology, like CD’s, tapes, and vinyl, still have plenty of life left!

Music media generations

The younger generations are always told to respect their elders because they have wisdom and life experiences that they can pass on. Hopefully then, the youth can capitalize on that historical outlook and create new and improved opportunities for themselves and those to follow. The same is true in technology, where each predecessor passes on experiences to help improve the newer iteration. Yet, that doesn’t mean in with the new and out with the old. There is still nostalgia and critical use for the older technology and ensures a long and useful life to come.

For optical discs, it holds the benefits of both old and new technology.
Being a physical media, means that it’s not dependent on internet capability or the cloud for access. Yet, being a digital format, means that the content is not only in its highest quality, but also allows a greater range of content to be stored on it. So, while the older vinyl and cassette tapes have a nostalgic appeal, they are still limited in their offerings. Yet, optical discs can offer all the benefits of digital streaming, yet provides a safety net of protection should the streaming content be corrupted or disabled.

As in life as in technology, don’t disparage someone or something because it’s been around for a long time and there’s a newer version. Best to embrace that past as we continue to develop the future.

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