There’s More to International Trade Shows than Just the Exhibition

We’ve posted a number of blogs about various trades shows that we’ve attended and it’s obvious from those entries that our staff remains busy with attendees from start to finish. That is true for the 2008 Spring Hong Kong Electronics Fair as well. Instead of boring you with the same ole details about the success of the show and the valuable contacts we made, I’d rather fill you in on a more interesting topic, the Hong Kong nightlife!


If you travel to Hong Kong for work or pleasure, a “MUST” visit destination for nightlife activities is LAN KWAI FONG. When you venture down to Lan Kwai Fong, you’ll find yourself in the centre of the city’s hottest, trendiest, and most exciting night spots. When we arrived at Lan Kwai Fong, we were surprised by the heavy stream of people. It was full of people on every uphill road walking from one hot spot to another. I even questioned if I was still in Hong Kong because more than half of the people there were foreigners. In fact it was more like a street scene from London, England than a Chinese city. England’s influence from their 100 year occupation is still very evident, yet the friendly and entertaining Chinese culture shines through as well. In any case, Lan Kwai Fong has a very international flair to it from the melting pot of cultures that inhabit the area.


For starters when in Lan Kwai Fong, you should satisfy your appetite before hitting the bars and/or clubs. Personally, I would recommend the famous, YUNG KEE RESTAURANT, for the perfect dining experience. You can start with flavorful hot tea blending in as the local Hong Kong people do. For your main course, I recommend dining on their most popular dish, Roasted Goose! How delicious is the Roasted Goose? I think “perfect” doesn’t do the dish justice, but is the only adjective I can think of that sums up this course. After dinner it’s off to party or mellow out at a club or bar and you don’t have to look far to find a suitable place.


Whatever you’re interested in, I bet you can find it by simply starting off with a casual stroll around the street. Mingle with celebrities and local trend setters at sleek and sexy clubs. Dance till dawn as international DJ’s spin hip and funky music on the turntables late into the early morning. Hang out with friends in traditional watering holes offering an intense selection of beers and ales. Spice it up at tropical bars as bartenders serve up colorful and exotic cocktail mixes. Scream for your team at your favorite sports bar. Plus the waiters know your name making you feel as if you’re amongst friends and family rather than just frequenting another bar or club.

With great food and an exciting atmosphere, Lan Kwai Fong is definitely Hong Kong’s top night-life sightseeing excursion.

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