Visit Vinpower @COMPUTEX Taipei 2008, at the brand-new TWTC NANGANG Exhibition Hall!

As COMPUTEX TAIPEI grows larger this year with the use of now 4 different venues in total, the success of TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall opening has no doubt marked a significant beginning for the show! Vinpower will have a brand-new booth visually and new product offerings at this show. If you plan to join COMPUTEX, please visit our booth located at TWTC K516 and share with us what’s certain to be a brilliant year.


As COMPTEX TAIPEI 2008 enjoys its grand opening in the brand-new TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall, it will also be one of the largest exhibition venues in Asia. TWTC NANGANG is located in Taipei City’s Nangang Economic and Trade Park.
This was developed by the company which organized the world famous TAIPEI 101 New Years firework display for the past three years. The extravaganza left international guests in awe. Design, construction, and operation of NANGANG Hall emphasize the three features of professionalism, MRT (public transit system) interconnectivity, and mega capacity.

1. Professionalism: TWTC NANGANG is the first purpose-built exhibition hall in Taiwan designed specifically for hosting large exhibitions. It is equipped with a large lobby to handle large crowds and process registrations. Other professional touches included hidden cabling troughs, loading/unloading zones and exhibition access controls.

2. MRT Interconnectivity: TWTC NANGANG is connected via underground corridors to the MRT stations for the Neihu Line and Blue Line. Once MRT service is available, it will carry more than half of all exhibition traffic, so visitors can arrive at the exhibition hall easily and safely. As the Neihu Line is also connected to the Songshan Airport, buyers from out of town can take the MRT from the airport straight to TWTC NANGANG without having to worry about traffic jams or the weather.

3. Large Capacity: TWTC NANGANG offers twice the space of TWTC Hall 1. The lobby, outdoor exhibition spaces and conferencing space together can hold nearly 3,000 standard booths. The exhibition hall on the 4th floor is 126m by 180m in size and has a ceiling height of 27m. When used for large concerts, it can hold nearly 30,000 people, making it the largest indoor performance venue in Taiwan.

Having participated in past Computex trade shows, which have been very beneficial, we recognized the need for a more modern and effective building to showcase such a popular trade show. This new building will better reflect the technological innovation and product quality that is expected of vendors from Taiwan and that you will see from Vinpower Digital.

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