Samsung Blu-ray players reportedly have stopped working


It has been reported in numerous publications and online forums that Samsung is having an issue with hundreds if not thousands of their Blu-ray players around the world. All of a sudden, the players get stuck in an endless bootup loop, makes a strange noise, shut down as soon as they are turned on, or are just unresponsive. These malfunctions were reported as starting on Friday, June 19th with no explanation or link to any particular model or firmware version. At the time this email blast was written, there was no update or cause given for these malfunctions, nor has there been a solution provided to resolve these issues with the players.

This is certainly important for the optical disc, especially the Blu-ray optical disc industry and we will continue to monitor the situation. If you current sell blank or recorded Blu-ray discs, it’s critical that you are aware of this happening in case a customer contacts you about this problem, or thinks that it was caused by the disc(s) you sold to them. Customers looking for solutions will often cast blame on the media for defects when it could many other factors, so it’s important to be diligent about other factors in the market that could be the true root cause.

Vinpower is diligent about staying on top of advances and issues that affect the digital storage market and making sure the products we manufacture or distribute meet the highest possible quality standards.

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