Optical Discs are one of the safest and most economical way to backup and archive all your digital content.

Archive memories

While millions if not billions of people are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are filling our time on our computers or mobile devices. When we’re not working, be it remotely or from an office, many of us find ourselves endlessly engaged in social media and/or playing online games, looking for an escape from the doldrums of quarantine life. What we’re not paying attention to is the exponentially growing amount of data in the form of pictures, videos, data files, music, movies, etc. that just sits on our computer hard drives or the memory on our mobile devices.

Instead of just buying larger and larger hard drives for content we rarely if ever look at, it’s much cheaper and more reliable to offload that old/cold content onto archival quality optical discs. Now that there’s consumer grade optical discs with up to 128GB of storage, one can store over a TB of data on just 10 optical discs. Plus, optical disc are extremely easy to recall the content and when kept under the proper conditions, can last decades if not centuries.

While you’re home, why not spare a little time to protect your precious memories, from the litany of baby pictures to that last vacation you took and look back on fondly. It’s incredibly easy to do and can be done over time in short increments, so you can focus on binging the next great series through one of the many streaming services vying for your attention. Do something for yourself that you can pass down, so future generations can laugh at your crazy Coronavirus hairdos and exploits to keep yourself entertained during these crazy times!

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