How Vinpower Digital Celebrated the Chinese New Year in Taiwan.

The Chinese New Year differs from the Western New Year as to when it is observed, but is equally celebrated and enjoyed. The date is based on the Chinese calendar, typically occurring in early February. It is a tradition in Taiwan that the entire workforce at a company gathers together to have a feast at the end of every lunar year (New Year). Many new colleagues have joined Vinpower this year, so we would like to do something fun during the dinner. So we played a game called ‘Crazy Dice’ and it does drive people crazy! Everyone require to take turns to guess a number inside the dice box, whenever a person guesses the correct number, s/he has to be “punished harshly” with lipstick, Love Palm or must drink glasses of wine. Everyone was so exciting and nervous, that we forgot to enjoy all the delicious food on the table. It’s a great bonding experience and I look forward to next years company dinner!


Gina got a dollar sign on her face from Calvin because she got a bingo! However, she won the first prize – received lots of $$$! How lucky!


Calvin drew a masterpiece on Patricia’s face because we were so lucky that day and he insisted somehow we have to get punished


Finally, we toasted for the success of new coming year for Vinpower Digital.

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