Vinpower’s SharkCopier line of duplicators can withstand high heat and still produce perfect duplication without failures for optical discs and flash media

Shark good in heat

This past June was declared the hottest June on record, especially in places like Europe where temperatures were unusually high. This is a problem as many areas where duplication is prevalent around the world do not have air conditioning for their facilities, either because it’s typically not needed or the cost is too high. Whatever the reason, the temperatures are rising and one of the biggest dangers for any electronic device is heat. As these devices are functioning, they are creating a large amount of heat, that heat needs to be removed from the device so that it doesn’t overheat and fail. This is mostly done using fans to blow the outside cooler air onto the internal component to cool it down. When the outer temperatures become too hot to cool the device down, then you have no recourse to keep the device operating and you must shut it down or risk failure. This is especially true of duplicators that use steel cases that traps hot air inside and creates a vacuum of hot air circulating around drives that are also getting hotter and hotter.

That’s where the SharkCopier becomes the perfect solution. The SharkCopier cases are made of aluminum instead of steal, which diffuses heat by pulling the hot air away from the drives and allowing cooler air to circulate and cool the drives down. In addition, with the cases side air vents, the hot air can escape without having to be pulled through the drives, like in the standard cases. By removing the heat quicker and more effectively, the Vinpower “Shark” cases allow for better air flow, cooler temperatures, and more efficient work flow, creating a better environment for the drives to work in producing better final results.

According to statistics, temperatures will continue to rise and the hot season will last longer, so if you depend on duplication for your livelihood, it would be wise to look into the one duplicators that won’t let you down when the heat is turned up. All of the “Shark” series of duplicators, from the SharkCopier, USBShark, SD/MicroSDShark, HDD/SSDShark, and any others that may come along in the future, will always be your coolest option.

For more details about the Vinpower Shark series of products or any item in our expansive product line, please visit our website at, or contact a Vinpower representative near you.

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