Vinpower Digital Shares Technology in Joint Venture

At Vinpower Digital, we are known for our OEM/ODM labeled standalone duplication products that are sold by the biggest companies in the optical media duplication field. A lesser known fact is that we work with many of the biggest manufactures of optical media discs and recordable drives. Because of our expertise in the field, many of these companies use us as their primary BETA tester. In addition, they also come to us when they want to develop a new product to get our input or to adopt our products into their designs.

Case in point is the new Plextor PX-DM300 compact 3 drive CD/DVD standalone duplicator recently on display at the DSE trade show in Tokyo, Japan from May 16 – 18, 2007. In a joint venture project with Plextor (one of the leading manufactures of optical media recordable drives), Vinpower Digital helped create this new compact slot drive system certain to make a global impact in theduplication market. We were chosen to work on this project because of our strong engineering background and the fact that we currently have the most reliable and functional standalone duplication controller on the market. Plus Plextor knew that we could meet their lengthy list of stringent requirements essential in order to brand this unit with the Plextor name.

The new Plextor PX-DM300 – a joint venture project between Plextor Corporation & Vinpower Digital
Our booth at the DSE trade show in Japan showing the PX-DM300

For more information on this new innovation, please click on the following link:

Look for more joint projects between Vinpower Digital and major Fortune 500 companies in the near future.

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