The ACARD duplication controllers now offers DVD video copy protection

ACARD copy protect

To match Vinpower’s existing proprietary duplication controllers, all new optical disc ACARD duplication controllers will offer the ability to add copy protection to all DVD video content. Vinpower has developed one of the most secure and cost-effective methods to implement DVD copy protection, which is available on their full range of optical disc duplication hardware, which now includes the ACARD controller. The copy protection application is embedded directly into all duplicated DVD video content, which includes protection from unauthorized copying or ripping the content from those discs.

This is another value add that Vinpower can bring when it comes to its own controller or the recently acquired ACARD duplication controllers. The prior ACARD controllers were not able to provide copy protection. The new ACARD copy protection feature is extremely easy to produce and costs a fraction of what it would cost to use other methods of copy protection. In addition, the resulting protected discs have excellent playback compatibility, ensuring that you can play your protected content across all known optical disc players and player software that accept DVD±R media. This is a key functionality, as what’s the point of adding protection if the user can’t play the content on their preferred player or software.

For more details about this feature or any product that Vinpower offers, please visit our website, or contact a Vinpower representative today.

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