CES, An unforgettable experience

Saturday (When we arrived):

We arrived in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 5th, so we could put up the booth. We arrived at night, so we just unloaded our product at the booth and went for dinner with all the team together. After that, we try to relax for a while. Some of our team tested their luck and went to the Casino to play Black Jack. I think Nogard won some money, but some, who will remain nameless, loss big.

First day, Unloading all of our stuff at the exhibit

Sunday (A day before CES):

We met up the next day at the buffet in the Paris hotel for lunch. We ate a ton of seafood, which was very tasty. After lunch, we went directly to the show floor so we can start decorating our booth.

Sunday, Lunch at Paris.

In the early evening, Ryan, Calvin & Mandy arrived from Los Angeles. We finish setting up the equipment and decorating the booth. Afterwards we went to have dinner and prepared for the next day, the start of CES.

Sunday, decorating the booth & organizing information for the show.

Monday (First day at CES):

The first day at CES was successful but also very tiring; many interesting people came to visit our booth, impressed with our new product releases. We also went to visit some of our customers that were exhibiting at CES as well.


Tuesday (Second Day):

The Second day was much like the first, except we had more visitors. Many were existing resellers, as well as a number of previous resellers who haven’t bought from us for a long time. Both the current and previous resellers came to our booth to check out our exciting new releases.

2008 is expected to be an extraordinary year for Vinpower Digital, with the release of many new products for a more complete line in terms of optical duplicators.

That day 3 of our engineers, headed back to the office first while 4 of us remained at the show. That night we had a dinner meeting with the team from one of our valued vendors.

Dinner with Vendors

Wednesday (Third day):

This day was a little bit soft compared to the previous 2 days. Because the traffic flow had slowed a bit, my co-workers took the opportunity to explore around the show and look around. That day we received a very nice visit from one of our vendors in Taiwan.

Our Vendors from Taiwan

Thursday (Last Day of the Show):

The last day was the shortest in terms of operating hours for the show, but the longest because we had to tear down our booth. The show ended at 4pm but we finally finished packing everything around 7pm. With nothing left to do, we start heading back to California. However, to our surprise, we had a lot of visits that day from some of our vendors, resellers and customers taking the opportunity to see us before we head home.

Some of our Vendors from the last day.

We had a great time at the CES show, which was an unforgettable experience. We had so many things to do including preparing and setting up the entire booth by ourselves as well as clean it up too. So it was tiring but such a great experience too! The best thing is all of the positive feedback from the show, which makes us more confident about our new products.
The last day of the show was Ryan’s birthday, so we made him a small paper cake, and sang happy birthday to him.

Last day at CES & Ryan’s paper cake

Mandy & Alec with a big doll.

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